Full List of Disney Lorcana Products Available at Gen Con 2023

Shannen Ace

Full List of Disney Lorcana Products Available at Gen Con 2023

Yesterday, we shared a first look at some of the Disney Lorcana products available at Gen Con 2023. Now, we’ve finally made it to the front of the line and can show you all of the Disney Lorcana items that are available at the Ravensburger booth.

Disney Lorcana Starter Decks – $16.99 Each

disney lorcana starter decks 1

There are three starter decks: Ruby/Emerald, Amber/Amethyst, and Sapphire/Steel. At Gen Con, there is a limit of one of each starter deck per person. Each starter deck includes 60 cards listed on the box, including foil versions of the two cards on the box. They also come with a booster pack of 12 randomly selected cards.


disney lorcana products 122100

The Sapphire and Steel deck features Aurora, Dreaming Guardian and Simba, Returned King.

disney lorcana products 122120
disney lorcana products 122127

Here are the Sapphire and Steel cards in the starter deck:

  • 3x Aurora – Briar Rose
  • 1x Aurora – Dreaming Guardian
  • 3x Aurora – Regal Princess
  • 2x Flounder – Voice of Reason
  • 2x Gramma Tala – Storyteller
  • 2x Jasmine – Disguised
  • 3x Maleficent – Sinister Visitor
  • 1x Maleficent – Uninvited
  • 3x Mickey Mouse – Detective
  • 2x Mufasa – King of the Pride Lands
  • 1x Scar – Mastermind
  • 3x Develop Your Brain
  • 2x One Jump Ahead
  • 3x Coconut Basket
  • 2x Magic Golden Flower
  • 2x Beast – Hardheaded
  • 3x Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist
  • 2x Goons – Maleficent’s Underlings
  • 2x Hercules – True Hero
  • 2x Kristoff – Official Ice Master
  • 1x Maui – Demigod
  • 2x Prince Eric – Dashing and Brave
  • 1x Simba – Returned King
  • 1x Simba – Rightful Heir
  • 3x Fire the Cannons!
  • 1x Grab Your Sword
  • 2x Ransack
  • 2x Smash
  • 2x Frying Pan


disney lorcana products 122032

The Ruby and Emerald deck features Cruella de Vil, Miserable as Usual and Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw.

disney lorcana products 122042
disney lorcana products 0894

Here are the included Red and Emerald cards:

  • 2x Aladdin – Prince Ali
  • 1x Cruella de Vil – Miserable as Usual
  • 2x Duke of Weselton – Opportunistic Official
  • 3x Horace – No-Good Scoundrel
  • 1x Iago – Loud-Mouthed Parrot
  • 2x Jasper – Common Crook
  • 3x Mad Hatter – Gracious Host
  • 3x Megara – Pulling the Strings
  • 3x Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot
  • 2x Peter Pan – Never Landing
  • 3x Mother Knows Best
  • 2x Stampede
  • 1x Steal From the Rich
  • 2x Vicious Betrayal
  • 2x Stolen Scimitar
  • 1x Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw
  • 3x Aladdin – Street Rat
  • 2x Captain – Colonel’s Lieutenant
  • 2x Donald Duck – Boisterous Fowl
  • 1x LeFou – Instigator
  • 3x Pongo – Ol’ Rascal
  • 3x Rapunzel – Letting Down Her Hair
  • 2x Scar – Fiery Usurper
  • 3x Sergeant Tibbs – Courageous Cat
  • 1x Stitch – Abomination
  • 3x Dragon Fire
  • 2x He’s Got a Sword!
  • 2x Shield of Virtue


lorcana gen con products 150352

The Amber and Amethyst deck features Moana, of Motonui and Mickey Mouse, Wayward Sorcerer.

lorcana gen con products 150403
lorcana gen con products 150414

Here are the Ruby and Amethyst cards in the starter deck:

  • 2x Ariel – On Human Legs!
  • 2x Cinderella – Gentle and Kind
  • 1x Hades – Lord of the Underworld
  • 2x HeiHei – Boat Snack
  • 2x Maximus – Relentless Pursuer
  • 3x Mickey Mouse – True Friend
  • 3x Minnie Mouse – Beloved Princess
  • 1x Moana – Of Motuni
  • 3x Stitch – New Dog
  • 2x Be Our Guest
  • 2x Control Your Temper
  • 2x Hakuna Matata
  • 1x Part of Your World
  • 3x Dinglehopper
  • 1x Dr. Facilier – Agent Provocateur
  • 2x Dr. Facilier – Charlatan
  • 1x Flotsam – Ursula’s Spy
  • 2x Jafar – Wicked Sorcerer
  • 2x Jetsam – Ursula’s Spy
  • 3x Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade
  • 2x Maleficent – Sorceress
  • 1x Mickey Mouse -Wayward Sorcerer
  • 3x Olaf – Friendly Snowman
  • 2x Pascal – Rapunzel’s Companion
  • 3x Rafiki – Mysterious Sage
  • 1x Sven – Official Ice Deliverer
  • 3x The Wardrobe – Belle’s Confidant
  • 2x Yzma – Alchemist
  • 3x Friends on the Other Side
lorcana gen con products 150751

There is a rule book.

lorcana gen con products 150803
lorcana gen con products 150711

Tokens can be punched out of the packaging.

lorcana gen con products 150843
lorcana gen con products 150722

Disney Lorcana Booster Packs – $143.76

disney lorcana booster packs

Individual booster packs are $5.99 each but attendees could purchase up to 24 booster packs in one display.

Disney Lorcana Deck Box – $5.99

disney lorcana elsa box 3

Each deck box features Captain Hook, Elsa, or Mickey Mouse.

disney lorcana elsa box 2
disney lorcana elsa box 1

They can hold up to 80 sleeved cards.

disney lorcana captain hook box

Disney Lorcana Card Sleeve Pack – $9.99

disney lorcana captain hook sleeve

There are three card sleeve packs to match the deck boxes.

disney lorcana elsa

One pack has 65 matte-finish card sleeves featuring either Captain Hook, Elsa, or Mickey.

disney lorcana mickey

Disney Lorcana Neoprene Play Mats – $19.99

disney lorcana products 120412

The play mats feature Maui, Mickey, or Maleficent. They come rolled up in thin boxes.

disney lorcana products 120555
disney lorcana products 120750
disney lorcana products 120950

The Queen 10-Page Portfolio – $19.99

disney lorcana products 121131
disney lorcana products 0891

The portfolios hold 64 standard cards and 8 oversized cards.

disney lorcana products 0890

Oversized cards will be available in gift sets.

disney lorcana products 121140 2

The fronts of the portfolios feature The Queen or Stitch, though the backs are identical.

Stitch 10-Page Portfolio – $19.99

disney lorcana products 121257 2
disney lorcana products 121138

Disney Lorcana Pins

disney lorcana pins

Two pins were also given out for free.

disney lorcana maleficent pin

We got the Disney Lorcana logo pin when we purchased products. The logo pin is purple with silver lettering and a silver border. It comes on a Maleficent backing card.

disney lorcana products 122202
lorcana gen con products 145358

We received the Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor pin while waiting in line. It features the artwork from the Brave Little Tailor card with “Disney Lorcana” against a red cloud.

Most of these items are already available for pre-order from Best Buy. Disney Lorcana will officially be released at specialty stores on August 18 before a wide release on September 1.

Are you excited for Disney Lorcana? Let us know in the comments.

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