Halloween Horror Nights 32 House Lineup Shirts, Lil’ Boo Wall Sign, and More New Merchandise at Universal Orlando Resort

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Halloween Horror Nights 32 House Lineup Shirts, Lil’ Boo Wall Sign, and More New Merchandise at Universal Orlando Resort

New Halloween Horror Nights 32 apparel features images from the this year’s haunted houses, including Dueling Dragons, “Stranger Things,” and “The Last of Us.” A Lil’ Boo backpack first released online has also arrived at Universal Orlando Resort, along with more general Halloween Horror Nights 32 merch. We found these items in All Hallows Eve Boutique at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

HHN 32 House T-Shirt – $33

hhn32 merch 4508

The first of three house shirts has five tarot card-like images representing five of the 10 houses.

hhn32 merch 4509

The cards are set against a circle of glowing zodiac symbols with blue-green fire, mountains, waves, and a face blowing wind, all in a golden border with “Halloween Horror Nights 2023” at the bottom.

hhn32 merch 4515

The blood-stained cards are for The Darekst Deal, YETI: Campground Kills, Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins, Dueling Dragons, and Blood Moon: Dark Offerings.

hhn32 merch 4511

They each feature an freaky figure. A giant demon stands in front of a man on The Darkest Deal card. A Yeti screams on the YETI: Campground Kills card.

hhn32 merch 4512

Dr. Oddfellow, with a glowing sigil on his forehead, holds the world in his hands.

hhn32 merch 4510

A red and blue dragon face off in front of a castle on the Dueling Dragons: Choose They Fate card.

hhn32 merch 4514

A figure in a black robe with a red crescent moon sigil is on the Blood Moon card, standing in front of the red moon.

HHN 32 House T-Shirt – $33

hhn32 merch 4417

This shirt features characters from the other five houses in circles, set against celestial images, with an all-seeing eye and “Never Go Alone” at the top.

hhn32 merch 4519

The houses represented are “The Last of Us,” “Stranger Things 4,” “Chucky,” Universal Monsters: Unmasked, and The Darkest Deal. “The Last of Us” circle features an Infected and the “Stranger Things 4” circle features Eleven with Vecna.

hhn32 merch 4520

Chucky holds a blood-covered knife on the center of the shirt.

hhn32 merch 4420
hhn32 merch 4419
hhn32 merch 4421
hhn32 merch 4422

At the bottom, the Phantom of the Opera removes his mask and two people are tied up in front of a demon for The Darkest Deal. A planchette reads “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023.”

HHN 32 House Hoodie – $60

hhn32 merch 4568

This zip-up hoodie has the planchette Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo in the left breast.

hhn32 merch 4569
hhn32 merch 4559

The planchette is red, blue, and gold, with white stars around it.

hhn32 merch 4566

The back features the same artwork as the T-shirt above.

hhn32 merch 4561
hhn32 merch 4563

HHN 32 House T-Shirt – $33

hhn32 merch 4461

The third house shirt is blacklight reactive and has a logo for “Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2023” on the front.

hhn32 merch 4462

The logo uses carnival-inspired red and white font with stars and a bat around the words.

hhn32 merch 4459

On the back is a hand with an all-seeing eye at the tips of the fingers.

hhn32 merch 4464

A black cat is at the top, with phases of the moon, planchettes, and skulls. Across the hand are the logos for all 10 houses. At the bottom is a bat and two coffins reading “2023.”

Lil’ Boo Backpack – $75

hhn32 merch 4455

Moving onto everyone’s favorite jack-o’-lantern: Lil’ Boo. The adorable carved pumpkin makes up the front pocket of this pleather backpack, set against a background of vines and trees, with a banner reading “Happy Halloween” — but “Happy” has been crossed out and replaced with “Scary.”

hhn32 merch 4537

Tucked into Lil’ Boo is a zipper pouch featuring a black bird.

hhn32 merch 4526

The bird holds a dangling eyeball in its mouth.

hhn32 merch 4540

It stays attached to the backpack with a chain, although can be unclipped.

hhn32 merch 4539
hhn32 merch 4525

The chain connects to the side of the bag.

hhn32 merch 4535

A sign for “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights” is overrun with vines on the side.

hhn32 merch 4536

A zipper pull for the main pocket is shaped like a bat.

hhn32 merch 4530

A black rat is on the other side and vines grow over the top, behind the zipper.

Lil’ Boo Glass – $12

hhn32 merch 4574

Another Lil’ Boo item is this glass. It has matching artwork to the backpack, with the bird perched on top of Lil’ Boo below the “Scary Halloween” banner. A full moon is behind the bird.

hhn32 merch 4575

Around the sides of the glass are more jack-o’-lanterns, a black rat, and a black bat. There’s also a “Halloween Horror Nights 2023” banner.

hhn32 merch 4576

Spiderwebs run throug the background of the artwork.

Lil’ Boo Wall Art – $45

hhn32 merch 4601

Wooden wall art of the same Lil’ Boo artwork is also available.

hhn32 merch 4603

Lil’ Boo and his creature friends are pieces placed against the background, giving the sign a 3-D effect.

hhn32 merch 4602

Chucky Crop Top – $37

hhn32 merch 4468

Dress as Chucky with this striped short-sleeved crop top. The red “Chucky” logo with blood dripping from the “y” is on the chest.

hhn32 merch 4469

The stripes are blue, green, white, pink, and red.

Chucky Wall Art – $40

hhn32 merch 4473

Another piece of wall art is a wooden depiction of the Good Guys doll box. It’s yellow, with a fake window showing Chucky inside. Cards of Good Guys accessories are pictured below the window, along with a Chucky version of the Halloween Horror Nights 2023 logo.

Black Cat Purse – $60

hhn32 merch 4483

This pleather purse is shaped like the face of a black cat. Details are embroidered in white and there are patches for the red eyes. Black crescent moon and star embellishments are on the cat’s forehead.

hhn32 merch 4486

The other side of the purse reads “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023” in the carnival font with coffins, stars, a bat, and a planchette.

hhn32 merch 4487

The zipper pull is also a white and red planchette.

hhn32 merch 4489

The crossbody strap is black and decorated with red and white Halloween imagery like spiders, bags, moths, and crystal balls.

Halloween Horror Nights Knot Headband – $20

hhn32 merch 4493

This knot headband is olive green and patterned with skeletons, crystal balls, hands with an eye on the palm, moths, crystal balls, and more.

hhn32 merch 4494

“Never Go Alone” is also in the pattern.

hhn32 merch 4495

It has black ends and exposed black stitching on the edges.

hhn32 merch 4497

The fabric is knotted on the top.

“Never Go Alone” Sling Backpack – $55

hhn32 merch 4544

This black pleather backpack has a skull with red shading and teal shadows on the front. “Never Go Alone” is embroidered in red above the front pocket, which is lined with metal studs.

hhn32 merch 4545

A skeleton hand is one of the zipper pulls.

hhn32 merch 4543
hhn32 merch 4547

It has a sling strap that can be adjusted and unclipped to attach to your preferred side.

hhn32 merch 4548

There are rings on both sides.

hhn32 merch 4549

“Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023” is printed on the back.

Halloween Horror Nights Ball Cap – $30

hhn32 merch 4553

The ball cap is black with red stitching. The brim has some weathering on the edge. A patch on the front reading “Halloween Horror Nights” features the sun, moon, skull, skeleton hands, coffins, and a planchette.

hhn32 merch 4554

The back half of the hat is plastic mesh.

hhn32 merch 4555

A coffin-shaped patch has “2023” in red on the top.

hhn32 merch 4557

A patch on the other side is of the black cat with red eyes.

Studio Screamers Bag – $45

studio screamers bag 4610

This new crossbody bag features some of the “Studio Screamers,” cartoon versions of Universal Monsters and Halloween Horror Nights icons.

studio screamers bag 4613

“Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights” is on the black front pocket, with blood dripping above it. Both the front pocket and main pocket zip-up.

studio screamers bag 4611

The rest of the bag is patterned all over with images of Dracula, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, The User, Lil’ Boo, and Tiffany Valentine.

studio screamers bag 4612

The Studio Screamers and Halloween Horror Nights logos are mixed in the pattern, which has a film strip background.

studio screamers bag 4614
studio screamers bag 4616

The strap is black with blood splatters.

A full video overview of this new merchandise is available below:

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Halloween Horror Nights 32 begins on September 1, 2023.

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