New Halloween Horror Nights 32 Merchandise Materializes at Universal Studios Florida, Including ‘Stranger Things 4’ & ‘The Last of Us’

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New Halloween Horror Nights 32 Merchandise Materializes at Universal Studios Florida, Including ‘Stranger Things 4’ & ‘The Last of Us’

Preparations for Halloween Horror Nights are in full swing at Universal Studios Florida, and a cauldron full of new merchandise has materialized at the Five and Dime.

Chucky Cotton Candy – $7

hhn32 merch 4652

This cotton candy has a sticker with Chucky icons on it on the front.

Halloween Horror Nights Cotton candy

The lid features the Halloween Horror Nights 2023 logo.

hhn32 merch 4653

The back reveals that the flavors are layered watermelon, blue raspberry, apple, and pink vanilla inside the container.

Chucky Popcorn – $10

hhn32 merch 4654

This package of colorful popcorn features Chucky on the front.

hhn32 merch 4655

The popcorn itself is red, as if Chucky has flavored it with blood.

hhn32 merch 4656

The design on the label sees Chucky having a lot of fun with a new friend, with blood spatters in the background.

hhn32 merch 4657

The back label indicates that the popcorn is “Halloween Horror Nights 2023 flavored popcorn,” without indication of what the flavor is. Is it a trick or a treat?

Halloween Horror Nights Mug – $16

hhn32 merch 4658

This black coffee mug features images from the haunted houses, scare zones, and classic movie icons featured in Halloween Horror Nights 2023. The side features the event logo and “The Last of Us” imagery.

hhn32 merch 4659

This side of the mug features Chucky with his trusty knife, and it says “Never go alone” across the top of the mug.

hhn32 merch 4660

Further around the mug is Universal Monsters’ Phantom of the Opera, who we’ll soon see in “Universal Monsters: Unmasked.”

hhn32 merch 4661

Toward the bottom of the mug is art for “The Exorcist: Believer.”

hhn32 merch 4662

And finally, toward the handle of the mug is art of Vecna and Eleven from “Stranger Things 4.” A planchette with this year’s event logo is positioned below it.

Chucky Chocolate Bar with Raspberry Filling – $8

hhn32 merch 4664

This Chucky themed milk chocolate bar is filled with raspberry flavored filling.

Halloween Horror Nights Chocolate Coffin – $16

hhn32 merch 4667

Put your sweet tooth to rest with this milk chocolate coffin. It comes in shrink-wrapped cardboard packaging.

hhn32 merch 4666

The chocolate coffin has the tagline “Never Go Alone” and “2023” molded into it.

‘Never Go Alone’ Freestyle Souvenir Tumbler – $28.99

hhn32 merch 4671

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights Freestyle tumbler features the same art as that on the mug we showed you earlier. Chucky is front and center, with “Never go alone” above his head and the event logo and year beneath him on a planchette.

hhn32 merch 4672

Guests can purchase this tumbler and drink for free for the rest of their time at the park that day.

hhn32 merch 4673

Turning the tumbler, art for “The Exorcist: Believer” is featured on the bottom.

hhn32 merch 4674

Vecna and Eleven from “Stranger Things 4” are at the top.

hhn32 merch 4676
hhn32 merch 4678

Around the other side of the tumbler is art of a clicker from “The Last of Us.”

hhn32 merch 4679

The Phantom of the Opera from “Universal Monsters: Unmasked” is below it.

Halloween Horror Nights Graphic Socks – $20

hhn32 merch 4681

These graphic socks include the same key art as other merchandise, with imagery of Chucky, Vecna and Eleven, a clicker from “The Last of Us,” Universal Monsters’ The Phantom of the Opera, and “The Exorcist: Believer.”

hhn32 merch 4683

The art is stacked and runs down the front of the sock.

hhn32 merch 4684

The Halloween Horror Nights logo is included on the back of the socks, housed inside a planchette with skeleton hands on either side.

Never Go Alone Magnet – $9

hhn32 merch 4686

It’s not a theme park event without a commemorative magnet. This one features the “Never Go Alone” art with all of the IP-based haunted houses represented.

Chucky Magnet – $9

hhn32 merch 4692

This magnet features various stylized takes on Chucky. The phrase “Give me the power I beg of you!” is included on the bottom right.

Universal Monsters Magnet – $9

hhn32 merch 4695

The final magnet includes the art for “Universal Monsters: Unmasked,” one of the haunted houses guests will experience this year. The monsters included on the magnet are The Phantom of the Opera, The Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Halloween Horror Nights Drawstring Bag – $28

HHN Drawstring Bag 1

Keep your Horror Nights essentials handy with this drawstring bag. In addition to the main pocket, a smaller zip pocket is included on the front.

HHN Drawstring Bag 2

The front of the bag features imagery of a clicker from “The Last of Us,,” Vecna and Eleven from “Stranger Things 4,” Chucky, The Phantom of the Opera, and “The Exorcist: Believer.”

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Halloween Horror Nights 32 begins on September 1, 2023.

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