Universal Teases Digital Release for Classic Islands of Adventure Soundtrack

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Universal Teases Digital Release for Classic Islands of Adventure Soundtrack

When Universal’s Islands of Adventure opened to the public in 1999, a soundtrack featuring music from throughout the park also debuted. Despite its popularity, there has never been a digital release, and this album does not currently exist on Spotify or Apple Music. Is that about to change?

Strong Islands of Adventure Soundtrack Hints from Universal Orlando Resort

Today, August 14, a tweet went out from Universal Orlando Resort with an image of the soundtrack and a date — August 17, 2023. No other information was provided, nor was there any confirmation.

In July, the resort posted the same image to Threads, saying “50,000 likes and we release the soundtrack on digital.”

universal threads 2

As of August 14, the post is only approaching 3,500 likes.

universal threads

On August 10, Universal made another sneaky move, also on Threads. Spotify asked users to share which oddly specific song would be in their Wrapped for 2023 (highlights and habits from your year in music provided by the service), and Universal responded with “Ocean Trader Market.”

This particular track is a favorite among fans of the park, and #3 in the album’s track listing. This also seems to imply the tune in question will be available on Spotify before the end of the year.

islands of adventure apple music

Finally, a search on Apple Music for “Islands of Adventure” will now show the same image from Twitter and Threads with an album from the year 2000 listed — “Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.”

Once again, Universal has made no official, conclusive comments — though these are all strong indicators of a release (or an announcement) coming soon.

Islands of Adventure Track List

Universals Islands of Adventure

1. “The Call to Adventure / Main Theme” 2:50
2. “Confisco’s Grill” 3:22
3. “Ocean Trader Market” 2:47
4. “Welcome to Seuss Landing” 3:31
5. “The Cat in the Hat” 3:09
6. “Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-Pendous” 3:39
7. “The Lost City” 4:37
8. “Sinbad Bazaar” 2:56
9. “Merlin Woods Plaza” 4:22
10. “Jurassic Park Calypso” 2:54
11. “Camp Jurassic” 4:20
12. “Thunder Falls Terrace” 3:24
13. “Toon Walk” 4:04
14. “The Wacky World of Jay Ward” 3:23
15. “Popeye’s Sweethaven” 2:13
16. “The Funny Business” 2:00
17. “Marvel Super Hero Island Main Street” 2:47
18. “Doctor Doom” 2:31
19. “Banner’s Science Park” 2:07
20. “The Adventure Lives On” 3:39

Would you want to listed to the music of this iconic theme park on your favorite music streaming app? Would you be interested to collect it on vinyl if copies were made on that medium? Let us know in the comments.

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