Lawsuit Filed After Man Falls in Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

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Lawsuit Filed After Man Falls in Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

A lawsuit was recently filed against Disney after a man allegedly fell while trying to board the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Alleged Haunted Mansion Injury

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The lawsuit was filed in Orange County, Florida last month by plaintiff Billy Williams. Williams alleges that in April 2022, he was at Walt Disney World “as a business invitee.” When Williams attempted to board The Haunted Mansion ride to join his wife, a Cast Member allegedly hit the emergency stop button for the ride. According to the lawsuit, “the ride jolted without warning” to Williams, and he “fell off the ride and onto the ground,” where he sustained “severe and permanent injuries.”

Further in the lawsuit, Williams alleges that Disney owed him a “non-delegable duty to (1) maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition; and (2) warn of any dangerous conditions about which it knew or should have known about.” He also claims that Cast Members failed to warn him of the potential dangers of the ride that Disney “had, or should have had knowledge greater than that” of Williams.

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The plaintiff claims to have suffered nine different counts of damages, accuses Disney of negligence, and is asking for $50,000 to $75,000 in damages against Disney via trial by jury. According to the standing case management plan, the trial is set to take place in 18 months, though the actual date will be set by the trial order.

Recent Guest-Related Legal Action

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Additionally, a woman is suing Disney after she says the monorail doors malfunctioned without any warning and shut on her, trapping her and requiring other guests to intervene to free her.

The three-page Orange County lawsuit is scarce on details and doesn’t say how the woman was injured other than she had “a permanent injury to her body.” It also does not give any more information about what happened on board to explain how the train broke down. The plaintiff in that case is suing for more than $50,000.

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