New Mickey & Friends Fidget Figures Available at Walt Disney World

Kyle Silagyi

New Mickey & Friends Fidget Figures Available at Walt Disney World

New fidget figures depicting Disney’s most iconic characters have stretched their way to Walt Disney World Resort. Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto are all present in the new figure set that can be stretched, flexed, and contorted however you please.

New Sensational Six Fidget Figures

Fidget figures 1

We found these at World of Disney in Disney Springs, but they’re also available at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom. The Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy figures have ridged plastic arms and legs with immense flexibility. The Pluto figure, despite having solid plastic limbs, does have a bit of maneuverability as well.

Mickey Mouse – $14.99

Fidget figures 4

The Mickey toy takes aesthetic cues from the recently concluded “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” shorts, the Paul Rudish-created series that also serves as the visual inspiration for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland — as well as the AquaMouse aboard the Disney Wish. His head and body are made of solid plastic, while his hands and feet are attached via the straw-like ridged material that offers a large range of motion.

Minnie Mouse – $14.99

Fidget figures 3

The Minnie fidget is visually and structurally similar to the Mickey toy; it, too is a representation of the Rudish version of the character. Minnie is wearing her iconic polka-dot skirt and flower-capped hat, and her limbs, like most of the other figures in the set, are quite flexible.

Donald Duck – $14.99

Fidget figures 2

The Donald figure also takes some visual inspiration from the Rudish series, with a few minor differences. Donald wears a long-sleeved sailor shirt in the animated series, though that’s turned into a tank top to make room for his stretchable arms in this figure. His classic sailor hat and large red bow tie are present in all their glory.

Daisy Duck – $14.99

Fidget figures 5

Daisy’s arms stretch from the ruffled sleeves of her pink blouse. She’s donning her signature pink bow tie and the white high boots seen in the Rudish shorts, with slightly-raised plastic on the sides of her shoes depicting flowers.

Goofy – $14.99

Fidget figures 7

Goofy is the lone figure in the set that does not take obvious cues from the Rudish series. This toy is instead a more traditional representation of the character, with his light tan face differentiating him from the other fidgets in the set. His long-sleeved orange shirt is complemented by a black vest, and his stretchable blue pants are tucked into his boots.

Pluto – $14.99

Fidget figures 6

Pluto is functionally different than the other toys in the set, as his limbs are constructed of solid plastic and, thus, lack the flexibility offered by the other figures. His arms and legs still do move, however.

These fidget figures not only serve as an effective way to stay occupied, but also as visually interesting and functionally entertaining representations of Mickey and his friends. Will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments.

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