New San Fransokyo Street Art Added, Bakery Tour Covered in Scrim at Disney California Adventure

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New San Fransokyo Street Art Added, Bakery Tour Covered in Scrim at Disney California Adventure

More changes have arrived in Pacific Wharf as the Disney California Adventure land is re-themed to San Fransokyo Square. The new land will be completed by August 31 and include updated restaurants, a “Big Hero 6” shop, and a Baymax and Hiro meet and greet.

Bakery Tour Silo Covered

san fransokyo updates6478

The silo that sits above The Bakery Tour has now been covered in scrim.

san fransokyo updates6476

We may soon see The Bakery Tour decked out in street art and colorful banners celebrating the “Big Hero 6” team, though there are no clear indications of what will happen to its exterior yet.

san fransokyo updates6477

San Fransokyo Square Street Art Updates

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This water fountain and water bottle refill station near Lucky Fortune Cookery just got some street art added to the wall above it. Some water droplets, one with a person depicted drinking from the fountain and another with the Japanese character for water.

san fransokyo updates8781
san fransokyo updates6483

Walls remain up in front of Hamada Bot Shop, which is the area where guests will be able to meet Baymax. The Bot Shop is where the team from “Big Hero 6” builds and innovates their hi-tech gear. According to Disney, you “may also see a few of their upcoming inventions.”

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Lucky Fortune Cookery also got some new street art on the wall outside. A dragon bot is wrapped around the Japanese inscription that reads “Lucky Fortune Cookery.”

san fransokyo updates6481
san fransokyo square

Over at Rita’s Turbine Blenders, more art and fictional advertisements have been added to the building exterior, such as Rita’s proudly displaying their Chamber of Commerce membership and a prompt to “call for all of your turbine repair needs.” A koi fish wind turbine was added to this building at the beginning of August.

san fransokyo square 2

We also had an opportunity to taste some of this venue’s new slushes and margaritas.

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San Fransokyo Square Details

San Fransokyo concept art

Pacific Wharf’s primary entrance bridge is currently closed for installation of the Torii gate towers, turning it into the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge.

Locations from the Cappuccino Cart to The Bakery Tour will also be decked out in street art and colorful banners celebrating the “Big Hero 6” team.

Guests will be able to interact with Hiro and Baymax outside the Hamada Bot Shop.

san fransokyo makers market concept art

Near the Hamada Bot Shop will be the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, a storefront stocked with unique apparel, homewares, and more featuring Baymax and friends. As seen in the concept art above, the market’s shelves are situated on robot storage cases, with decommissioned battle bots on display. Hiro’s Megabot will be in the rafters above.

Across from the Maker’s Market, vending machines will have golden medallions featuring Baymax and other San Fransokyo images.

Dining options will include current Pacific Wharf venues and new options inspired by Asian cuisine and “Big Hero 6.”

Aunt Cass Cafe concept art

Pacific Wharf Café will become Aunt Cass Café, the second bakery café operated by Hiro’s aunt. It will serve soups in freshly-baked Boudin sourdough bread bowls and more inspired by Japanese cuisine. On the outside of this quick service restaurant, you’ll find a mural of Aunt Cass’ lucky pet cat, Mochi.

san fransokyo square concept art a

An old fishing net tannery across from the café is being converted to Rita’s Turbine Blenders, a giant drink dispenser offering margaritas and icy beverages. This refreshment stand is owned by and named after the repair technician who maintains the floating wind turbine, resembling a giant koi fish, that sits atop the structure.

New menu items will also be available at Cocina Cucamonga and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Disney will release an official food guide for San Fransokyo Square soon.

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