Hello Kitty Meets Chucky, Expanding the Sinister Merchandise Mashup at Universal Orlando Resort

Dylan Kennedy Grey

Hello Kitty Meets Chucky, Expanding the Sinister Merchandise Mashup at Universal Orlando Resort

We recently stumbled upon this mashup of everyone’s favorite living doll and the cartoon cat with no mouth to scream at the 5 and 10 in Universal Studios Florida. This duality of iconic characters intended to be both cute and terrifying adorns several new items, joining the collection we first spotted a few weeks ago .

Hello Kitty Chucky Purse Р$60.00

Hello Kitty Chucky merchandise has arrived at Universal Studios.

This purse features the Hello Kitty-Chucky combination, prominently displayed on the front of a yellow bag. “Good Guys” is replaced with “Good Girls” on the front of the overalls, as the artwork of the Hello Kitty head seems to be gruesomely stitched together.


The shoulder strap is striped like Chucky’s iconic shirt and socks.


A small raggedy stuffed bear with several loving repairs is attached to the side of the bag.


The back of the bag bears the mashup logo.


The small text beneath says: “She wants YOU for a best friend.”

Hello Kitty Chucky Bucket Hat – $30.00


A spooky bucket hat featuring bloody stitch detailing and the mashup logo is also available.


The same little bear is screen printed on this denim blue hat.


Hello Kitty is also on the side of the hat, still appearing a little worse for wear.


The “Good Girls” slogan from her overalls is on the side of the hat on a small false pocket design. The pocket has a button detail as well.


The inside of the bucket hat is lined in the same aforementioned striped Chucky style.

Hello Kitty Chucky Card Wallet – $35.00


This yellow wallet featuring a cut-out of Hello Kitty with her little bear is also available. The card wallet features a snap closure hidden behind the character strap.


The back of the wallet features the same stripe design and the mashup logo.

Are you looking to add a little spooky charm to your wardrobe with these new pieces? Let us know in the comments.

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