PHOTOS: Lighting Installed on CommuniCore Hall Spires, Pavement Updates Finishing Up Across EPCOT

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: Lighting Installed on CommuniCore Hall Spires, Pavement Updates Finishing Up Across EPCOT

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: Lighting Installed on CommuniCore Hall Spires, Pavement Updates Finishing Up Across EPCOT

Construction work continues across EPCOT, from the parking lot to the World Showcase lagoon. Now that we’re halfway through August, a lot of construction has made major progress throughout the park.

Ride Share Area in EPCOT Parking Lot

epcot construction aug 2023 6661

A new ride-share loop is under construction in the EPCOT parking lot. Crews have started laying pavement for a sidewalk that wraps around and through the loop.

epcot construction aug 2023 6662

Small poles line the sidewalk edge that will be next to the road. Currently, the road is just dirt.

World Celebration & CommuniCore Hall

epcot construction aug 2023 6669

Construction continues at World Celebration and CommuniCore Hall, as the two areas get closer to completion.

epcot construction aug 2023 6685

The yellow sheathing added to CommuniCore Hall back in April is now no longer visible on much of the structure.

epcot construction aug 2023 6686

Now, metal pipes have been installed going across all sides of the building.

epcot construction aug 2023 6688

Scaffolding is still present on the left side of the building, though work in this section seemed to have picked up. The yellow sheathing on this side is also no longer visible.

epcot construction aug 2023 6689

It also looks like show lighting is starting to be installed on the CommuniCore Hall spires, which feature a triangle pattern similar to that of Spaceship Earth.

epcot construction aug 2023 6693
epcot construction aug 2023 6696

The metal pipes are also present along the back of the building, covering up the yellow sheathing.

epcot construction aug 2023 7051

You can really see the show lighting added to the spires from this angle.

epcot construction aug 2023 7054

At night, these spires will be illuminated.

Journey of Water Inspired by ‘Moana’

epcot construction aug 2023 6701

With more Cast Member previews coming up for Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana,” this new attraction looks nearly complete.

epcot construction aug 2023 6702

We didn’t see any effects testing during our visit, though fog, music, and dancing water effects were being tested just last month.

epcot construction aug 2023 6703

One lone cone still sits in part of the new attraction by a railing overlooking the water.

epcot construction aug 2023 6706

A cherry picker has moved into part of the attraction’s walkways, likely to fix some last minute work before Cast Member previews open up past the initial limited invitations.

epcot construction aug 2023 6710

More trees have been planted in front of the water treatment facility for Journey of Water. These will grow in and fill out over time, eventually obscuring the building from guests’ view completely.

epcot construction aug 2023 6712

Hay has now been laid across the ground, which is a common construction practice to mitigate erosion and issues related to mud.

epcot construction aug 2023 6714

With the constant rain Central Florida has been getting, it’s no surprise that it could be an issue for construction crews in an area that is mostly still dirt.

epcot construction aug 2023 6715

The dirt mounds that were previously here have also been completely flattened out.

epcot construction aug 2023 6718

On the far side of this area, there’s a large pile of tools, materials, gravel and more.

epcot construction aug 2023 7068

The concrete being replaced in front of Journey of Water also appears to be complete.

epcot construction aug 2023 7069
epcot construction aug 2023 7070

The difference between this terrazzo-esque concrete versus the pink concrete in the rest of the area is quite stark.

epcot construction aug 2023 7072

There is significantly less patch work present in this area, though it is still visible here.

epcot construction aug 2023 7073
epcot construction aug 2023 7074
epcot construction aug 2023 7075

The concrete work looks cleaned up on this side of the walkway, as well.

epcot construction aug 2023 7077

Here’s a glimpse at the completed concrete walkway between Journey of Water and its water treatment facility.

epcot construction aug 2023 7078
epcot construction aug 2023 7080

Mission: SPACE & Space 220

mission space pavement 6810

Most of the rolling planters have been removed, showing off all the new plaza pavement work.

mission space pavement 6811

The crimson orb outside of the attraction still shows heavy wear and tear, revealing the gray material underneath.

mission space pavement 6814
mission space pavement 6815

Here’s a look at some of that new pavement, with the framing still in place.

mission space pavement 6816
mission space pavement 6817

The edges of the old and new pavement look a bit messy, though this will hopefully be cleaned up.

mission space pavement 6818
mission space pavement 6819
mission space pavement 6820

This area also has new mosaic-style pavement, like that of the planetary-themed installations we reported on earlier this month.

mission space pavement 6821
mission space pavement 6824
mission space pavement 6825 1

This mosaic pattern leads the path to Mission: SPACE and Space 220.

mission space pavement 6828 1

Here is a look at those new planetary mosaics that were recently added.

mission space pavement 6826 1
mission space pavement 6827 1

These replace the tracks for the Spirit and Opportunity rovers on Mars, which were once located here. It is possible they were preserved and will be returning, though there is no conformation or word as of yet.

mission space pavement 6829
mission space pavement 6830 1
mission space pavement 6831 1

Much of the updated pavement still has wooden supports in place.

mission space pavement 6832 1
mission space pavement 6834 1

Here a circle connects two concrete lines. Wooden supports are still in place.

mission space pavement 6836 1

It is possible that these circular cut outs could be the location of new planet mosaics.

mission space pavement 6838

Rolling planters are still present in this area by Space 220.

mission space pavement 6837 1
mission space pavement 6840

This area in front of the attraction also has new planetary installations in the pavement.

mission space pavement 6841
mission space pavement 6844

This new addition adds a lot of color and texture to this part of World Discovery.

mission space pavement 6842
mission space pavement 6846
mission space pavement 6847
mission space pavement 6848

The planets continue on the right side of the attraction entrance.

mission space pavement 6850
mission space pavement 6849

These blank circles continue through the area, possibly placeholders for new installations

mission space pavement 6854
mission space pavement 6855

Test Track

epcot construction aug 2023 6856

A support pole at Test Track is still covered with scrim.

epcot construction aug 2023 6857

We first noticed this scrim go up last month, though no real changes have taken place since then.

World Showcase Lagoon

Lagoon Update there is now a green box and taller pillars

epcot construction aug 2023 6869

Over at the World Showcase Lagoon, a green box has popped up along the railing of the lagoon viewing area.

epcot construction aug 2023 6871
epcot construction aug 2023 6872

It is unclear what this green box could be covering.

epcot construction aug 2023 6875
epcot construction aug 2023 6876

Taller pillars have also appeared in the World Showcase lagoon, as construction continues to prepare for the new nighttime spectacular.

epcot construction aug 2023 6993

These pillars are also present in front of the Norway and China Pavilions. These will provide a new foundation for under- or above-water equipment for the future fireworks show.

epcot construction aug 2023 6994

Morocco Pavilion

morocco pavilion construction 6971

In the Morocco Pavilion, the cherry pickers have been relocated from the front to the back of the pavilion. However, this boom lift box utilized for the cherry picker is still present and covered in green scrim.

morocco pavilion construction 6972
morocco pavilion construction 6973

Rolling planters in this area were also relocated, opening up the area in front of the Tangierine Café.

morocco pavilion construction 6974

A green scrim box is still present on one of the planters outside the restaurant, presumably while guest-related damage is being repaired.

morocco pavilion construction 6975
morocco pavilion construction 6976
morocco pavilion construction 6978

The sign for Tangierine Café is now fully visible with the rolling planters and cherry picker removed.

morocco pavilion construction 6980
morocco pavilion construction 6982

The cherry picker is now parked in the back of the pavilion, by the Nejjarine fountain replica.

morocco pavilion construction 6984

The cherry picker is hidden entirely behind these rolling planters.

morocco pavilion construction 6981

This brown wooden box is also in the back of the pavilion, though it is unclear why.

World Celebration Playground

epcot playground construction 7055

Work continues on the former EPCOT playground area by Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

epcot playground construction 7056

New wooden supports have been placed in the ground along the construction walls, with caution tape wrapped around the perimeter.

epcot playground construction 7058
epcot playground construction 7059

Large dirt piles are starting to be formed as well, and the entire area has been sectioned off with caution tape.

epcot playground construction 7060

A large teal pipe can also be seen coming out of the ground.

What do you think of all this progress on EPCOT’s many construction projects? Are you excited for the day that there won’t be a construction wall in sight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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