New Items Added to The Plaza Restaurant Menu Include Specialty Milkshakes, Crab Cake Sandwich, and More

Further adding to the classic Americana allure of Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is a slew of new items recently added to the menu at the Plaza Restaurant. New takes on classic American dishes like the crab cake, milkshake, and cheesecake are now available at the location.

New Items Added to The Plaza Restaurant Menu

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These items are available at the Plaza Restaurant, a table-service restaurant located toward the end of Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom as you approach Cinderella Castle. It’s located next to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

All of these new options are available as both lunch and dinner items.

Specialty Milkshakes – $8.25

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Chocolate Pecan Brownie, Key Lime, and Strawberry Shortcake milkshakes have been added to the menu. The restaurant also offers Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip milkshakes, with all of these costing $7. Since the new shakes are considered “specialty,” they cost an additional $1.25.

The Chocolate Pecan Brownie milkshake, according to the Plaza Restaurant menu, includes “hand-dipped chocolate ice cream blended with spiced pecans, brownies, and chocolate sauce.” The Key Lime shake contains “hand-dipped vanilla ice cream blended with key lime curd and graham cracker crumbs,” while the Strawberry Shortcake milkshake includes “hand-dipped strawberry ice cream blended with vanilla cake and strawberries.”

Each milkshake is topped with a whipped topping that contains an additional sweet treat; brownies top the Chocolate Pecan Brownie shake, the Strawberry Shortcake milkshake comes with a strawberry, and a graham cracker sticks out of the whipped topping on the Key Lime shake.

Chocolate Layer Cake – $10.00

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The Plaza Restaurant menu simply describes this dessert as a “Chocolate Layer Cake with caramel popcorn mousse.” The chocolate cake has three layers, and each cake is separated by a thick layer of mousse. Edible decorations sit atop the cake, and each slice is served with caramel popcorn.

Cotton Candy Cheesecake – $10.00

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The menu is again light on details regarding this dish, only describing it as a “Cotton Candy Cheesecake with fresh berries.” It matches the bright and inviting color of traditional pink cotton candy and, like the Strawberry Shortcake milkshake, is served with strawberries.

Pot Roast Stack – $24.00

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This creative take on an American homestyle classic features “slow-roasted beef piled high on thick-cut toast with mashed potatoes, caramelized onion gravy, and onion rings.” It’s a combination of comfort foods that blends various textures and flavor profiles, resulting in a dish that’s wholeheartedly American.

Crab Cake Sandwich – $26.00

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The Crab Cake Sandwich features a crab cake “griddled and served with lettuce, tomato, and rémoulade sauce on a potato roll.” Between the bed of lettuce and tomatoes the crab cake rests upon, the vivid yellow appearance of the rémoulade sauce, and the french fries and sliced pickles the dish is served with, the Crab Cake Sandwich almost emulates the appearance of a traditional cheeseburger.

The Plaza Restaurant


The Plaza Restaurant offers traditional American fare in a classical setting. It debuted a new menu in 2021.

Are you excited to check out the new additions to the menu at the Plaza Restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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