Brand-New Season of ‘I Am Groot’ Shorts Set to Debut in September on Disney+

Justin Giglio

Brand-New Season of ‘I Am Groot’ Shorts Set to Debut in September on Disney+

Marvel Studios and Disney+ have debuted a trailer for a second season of “I Am Groot,” set to release September 6 on the aforementioned streaming platform.

‘I Am Groot’ Season 2

i am groot season 2

The new season of shorts will debut on September 6, 2023. Disney released a poster and the trailer today, August 6.

The trailer can also be viewed below.

The first set of “I Am Groot” shorts debuted on Disney+ back in August 2022.

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Groot Audio-Animatronic Testing

In other Groot news, we shared a story that certain guests are being invited to help playtest a free-roaming audio-animatronic figure of Groot from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” film series at the Disneyland Resort. Official footage of guest interaction with this advanced figure in a test show is now available.

This video comes from the Disney Parks YouTube channel, where we see Imagineers talking about the latest developments in audio-animatronic technology, including this latest advancement.

“We want to bring these characters to life in the most authentic way possible,” says Imagineer Joel Peavy.

For us, that means a walking robotic actor that has a tightly integrated design in a compact platform that can not only move and gesture, but really emote in style.

The playtest involves Groot and Star-Lord having a dance-off with the audience, similar to the permanent “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!” show in front of their respective Disney California Adventure attraction.

Groot Animatronic Playtest

Imagineers in the video noted that guests are particularly engaged to a greater degree than they expected. Disney Live Entertainment’s Michael Serna expands:

They’re seeing this wonderfully lovable character they’ve known for years in the film, but now they get to experience them up close, and they’re going to see him do things he’s never done in front of us, dance, you move around and groove and walk around near us. I see that sort of excitement in everybody’s eyes that they just feel like “am I really seeing this or is this some kind of CGI?”

Disney has stated there are “no immediate plans for use [of these figures] in Disney theme parks; however, a prototype in the form of Groot is being used to test unique traits, gaits and capabilities.”

Would you want to have a dance-off with Groot? Are you excited for more adventures in the Disney Parks and on Disney+ with this beloved Guardian? Let us know in the comments.

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