New Passholder-Exclusive Dueling Dragons Glass & Pin Swoop Into Universal Orlando Resort

Kyle Silagyi

New Passholder-Exclusive Dueling Dragons Glass & Pin Swoop Into Universal Orlando Resort

New merchandise representing a beloved former attraction has swooped into Universal Orlando Resort, as a previously debuted Universal Orlando Annual Passholders-exclusive Dueling Dragons merchandise set has expanded to include a ride-themed glass and pin. Interest in and representation of the defunct roller coaster has been renewed thanks to the Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate haunted house offered as part of Halloween Horror Nights 32, which is running on select nights at Universal Studios Florida through November 4.

We found these items at both the Halloween Tribute Store and 5 & 10 at Universal Studios Florida.

Dueling Dragons UOAP Glass – $12.00

Dueling Dragons UOAP merch 2

The glass features Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate branding on one side, with the former attraction logo and “Choose Thy Fate” type appearing over blue and red dragons that are, fittingly, dueling. Dueling Dragons was an opening day roller coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and featured a blue ice dragon fighting a red fire dragon. These dragons were represented by the attraction tracks themselves, with riders “dueling” each other from simultaneously running cars on the intertwined tracks.

The roller coaster was renamed Dragon Challenge in 2010 and closed permanently in 2017 when the nearby The Wizarding World of Harry Potter expanded its presence and borders at the park. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opened in its place in 2019, and the attraction’s demise is seemingly referenced in the art on the glass. While the background skyline may just depict general fantastical buildings, it certainly looks akin to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Dueling Dragons UOAP merch 4
Dueling Dragons UOAP merch 3

The Universal Orlando Annual Passholder appears in an apt red and blue colorway on the other side of the glass. A banner reading “Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights” atop a red-to-blue gradient is seen above, with “2023” appearing beneath the banner in a spooky red font.

Dueling Dragons UOAP merch 5

Dueling Dragons UOAP Pin – $12.00

Dueling Dragons UOAP merch 6

The Universal Orlando Annual Passholder-exclusive pin places the red and blue dragons on a shield, the cloud and castle imagery in the background suggesting that their skirmish is transpiring in the sky. “Dueling Dragons” is written atop the gold pin, and a “Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights” banner is arched over the bottom. The Universal Orlando Annual Passholder logo appears above the banner.

Dueling Dragon UOAP pin

The rest of this UOAP-exclusive Dueling Dragons merchandise set debuted at Universal Studios Orlando in late August. It contains a T-shirt, scented candle, and license plate, amongst a myriad of other merchandise.

Dueling Dragons merch

Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate

UOR HHN 32 Dueling Dragons Choose Thy Fate house 3

The Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate is currently available to experience at Halloween Horror Nights 32. This house is a sequel to the attraction and has many similarities to the original queue. Guests also travel through the Fairy Forest.

The house follows the warlocks, Pyrock (the fire dragon) and Blizzrock (the ice dragon) as they break into Merlyn’s Castle, each hoping to steal his spellbook for themselves. Like the ride’s queue, guests travel through the destroyed castle. You can read our full review of the house here.

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