Sale of New Magic Keys at Disneyland Halted as Inspire Keys Become ‘Available for Renewal Only’

Kyle Silagyi

Sale of New Magic Keys at Disneyland Halted as Inspire Keys Become ‘Available for Renewal Only’

The option to purchase a new Inspire Key has been removed from the official Disneyland website, meaning that all Magic Keys are at least temporarily unavailable for people who do not already own them.

New Sales of Inspire Key Magic Key Stopped

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The option to buy a new Inspire Key has been replaced by an “Available for Renewal Only” designation on Disneyland’s website, meaning that Inspire Keys, for the time being, can only be renewed by people who currently have them. The other three tiers of the Magic Key pass — the Believe Key, Enchant Key, and Imagine Key — have had the “Available for Renewal Only” tag for quite some time. The recent stoppage of non-renewal Inspire Key transactions means that the sale of new Magic Key passes is temporarily halted.

This is not the first time that Disneyland has paused the sale of new Magic Keys, as the park also temporarily halted the sale of new passes in May 2022. Sales resumed in August of that year, but the availability of new passes (depending on tier) has varied since.

It is currently unknown when Disneyland will restart the sale of new Magic Keys.

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The Magic Key program was introduced at the Disneyland Resort in August 2021 as an evolution of the Annual Passholder program. The program was initially made up of four differently-priced tiers, ranging from the Imagine Key at $399 to the Dream Key at $1,399, with different services offered based on which pass a guest purchased.

The Magic Key pass program was meant with initial pushback for various reasons, a paramount one being a park reservation system that was controversial in concept and faulty in execution. The system and Magic Key program, as a whole, would ultimately serve as the basis of litigation; a lawsuit alleging that Disneyland was artificially limiting Magic Key reservations and, thus, blacking out owners of the “no blackout” Dream Key was filed in December 2021.

Magic Key Lawsuit

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The aforementioned Magic Key lawsuit was settled in July 2023, with plaintiff Jenale Nielsen and Disney agreeing to settle the suit after an in-person mediation. The terms of the proposed settlement were released on September 7; each Dream Key holder will receive “approximately” $67.41 from a settlement fund totaling $9.7 million and could receive an additional pro-rata payment if the “amount remaining in the Settlement Fund . . . is greater than $10.00 per Settlement Class Member” following initial payments.

Disney has taken initial actions to prevent similar litigation from occurring in the future, removing mention of “no blackout dates” from all Key descriptions and even discontinuing the Dream Key entirely. A clause requiring any Key Holder to waive the right to file a class action lawsuit was also added to the terms and conditions of pass ownership.

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