‘Big Hero 6’ Collectible Medallions Available in San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure

Shannen Ace

‘Big Hero 6’ Collectible Medallions Available in San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure

New “Big Hero 6” collectible medallions are available in San Fransokyo Square, the land formerly known as Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure.

‘Big Hero 6’ Collectible Medallions

san fransokyo medallions coins 2757

This medallion machine is near the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, built into a wall decorated with San Fransokyo posters.

san fransokyo medallions coins 2784
san fransokyo medallions coins 2761

The machine is painted with a mural of Mt. Fuji with the orange sun behind it and cherry blossom flowers falling in front of it.

san fransokyo medallions coins 2759
san fransokyo medallions coins 2785

The bottom of the machine is stamped with “Property of S.F.I.T.” (San Fransokyo Institute of Technology) and “Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab,” the building where Hiro and his friends have their labs. There is also graffiti of “BH6” and a heart.

san fransokyo medallions coins 2766

There are four designs, all stamped into gold medallions.

san fransokyo medallions coins 2773
san fransokyo medallions coins 2780

This design has a square at the center, Japanese characters to the sides, “SFS” at the bottom, and Baymax’s face at the top. The kanji on the left means “courage” and the kanji on the right means “knowledge.”

san fransokyo medallions coins 2782

This coin features Baymax waving.

san fransokyo medallions coins 2778

Next up is a design including the Torii Gate Bridge in front of the sun and a cloud.

san fransokyo medallions coins 2779

Koi fish kites on long curving strings float in front of clouds on this medallion.

san fransokyo medallions coins 2777

Each coin also has the San Fransokyo Square “SFS” symbol on the back.

If you’re a medallion collector, make sure to check out the Disney100 collectible medallions throughout Disneyland Resort.

San Fransokyo Square

baymax hiro meet and greet 2835

San Fransokyo Square officially opened last month, with several new food items and a Hiro and Baymax meet and greet. Pacific Wharf was transformed into San Fransokyo Square by turning the bridge into the Torii Gate Bridge, and adding various decorations, murals, and signage throughout the land.

The San Fransokyo Maker’s Market sells “Big Hero 6” merchandise, mostly featuring Baymax.

Speaking of Baymax, Baymax bread is now available from the Boudin Bread Cart and Aunt Cass Café. There’s also a new Baymax sipper.

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