REVIEW: A Constellation of New Breakfast Offerings Shine at Galactic Grill

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Galactic Grill New Breakfast

REVIEW: A Constellation of New Breakfast Offerings Shine at Galactic Grill

Greetings from beyond the stars! We took a trip to Tomorrowland and found ourselves peckish at breakfasttime. Fortunately, Galactic Grill just debuted a host of new breakfast offerings. We stopped in to sample each of the new options.

Banana Cream Cold Brew – $6.79

Joffrey’s Coffee™ Cold Brew with Banana Milk Foam, topped with Whipped Cream and a Vanilla Wafer


This Banana Cream Cold Brew came to us with the Banana Milk foam layered in the cup at the bottom.


The whipped cream on top created a pretty galaxy swirl effect as it melted into our cold brew.


The whole drink is topped with a couple of vanilla wafers.


Overall, the drink resembles its parfait inspiration with its defined layers.


The banana cream cold brew does it exactly what it’s supposed to do: a quick burst of energy from the sugar and caffeine. Otherwise, it was unremarkable. We felt that it has a very artificial banana flavor mixed in with the cold brew. As is the case with many DIsneyland cold brew offerings, you really have to stir it to make it sweet since the flavor and sweetness are all in the milk foam and whipped cream. The vanilla wafers on top of the drink are a nice touch, and the whipped cream is great. Banana lovers might enjoy this one but it is not our favorite beverage available at Disneyland and was our least favorite of the new breakfast offerings. We rate it 7/10.

Soy Chorizo Breakfast Burrito – $10.99

Soy Chorizo, Spiced Potatoes, Grilled Peppers, Onions, Egg, Cheddar, Pico de Gallo and Chipotle Sauce in a Spinach Flour Tortilla


The burrito comes wrapped in a green spinach flour tortilla.


The whole burrito is large, so would make for a great quick breakfast as you’re travelling through the solar system.

burritointeriorscreenshot edited

There were generous portions of fillings inside the burrito.


This breakfast offering is delicious and a perfect blend of flavors. Potatoes are seasoned well, the chorizo is tasty, you can barely tell it’s a vegetarian meat substitute, and there are some peppers and onions in there to accent the overall flavor profile. We loved the green tortilla, too. Overall, it is a really great breakfast option. We rate this 9/10.

Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes – $5.29

Spiced Fried Potatoes with Peppers and Onions


We got a side of breakfast potatoes with our meal.


These potatoes are the same as the ones inside the burrito.


The side breakfast potatoes are decent. We wished they were a little crispier on the outside. But the seasoning is flavorful, and they would probably be a good side to some of the other breakfast offerings. We rate these 8/10.

Galactic Sunrise Funnel Cake Fries – $8.49

topped with Powdered Sugar and served with House-made Maple Sauce

funnelcakefriesmaple1 1

These fries come with a side of maple sauce.


They were sprinkled with a decent portion of powdered sugar.


The funnel cake fries are excellent. The funnel cake was perfectly fried and the dipping sauce is wonderfully sweet. Our reviewer loves maple and admitted she might be a little biased, but they’re a great sweet menu option if that’s what you want. We rated these 9/10.

Overall Thoughts on Breakfast Offerings at Galactic Grill

Galactic Grill New Breakfast

Overall, we felt like most of these breakfast offerings were worth a trip halfway across the park, but not all of them justified a trip from the other side of the galaxy. We would definitely order the burrito and funnel cake fries again, but the potatoes were better in the burrito than as a standalone side. We’d probably skip the banana cream cold brew on our second spin through this solar system, but Earthlings really wanting that banana cream flavor might think differently if they’re really feeling nostalgia for the classic Earth parfait.

Which of these breakfast offerings has you ready to jump to lightspeed to try these treats for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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