New Worlds of Pixar Merchandise Bounces in to Disneyland Paris

Dylan Kennedy Grey

New Worlds of Pixar Merchandise Bounces in to Disneyland Paris

A new Worlds of Pixar merchandise collection has arrived at Disneyland Paris. We spotted the collection at the shop in Disney Studio 1 at Walt Disney Studios Park. Worlds of Pixar is a land including “Toy Story” Playland, Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, and other Pixar-inspired attractions.

Worlds of Pixar Pin – €13

This pin is horizontally oriented and has small colorful windows featuring three different Pixar characters: Lightning McQueen from “Cars,” Woody from “Toy Story,” and Dory from “Finding Nemo.”

Lamp and Luxo Pin – €9

This pin features the iconic Luxo Jr. lamp and ball from the studio’s intro animation.

Worlds of Pixar Pin – €13

worlds of pixar merch paris sep 2023 5755

This circular pin has “Worlds of Pixar” in the center with Luxo Jr. and the ball. These Pixar characters are pictured around the edge: Miguel from “Coco,” Sully from “Monsters, Inc.,” Joy from “Inside Out,” Dory from “Finding Nemo,” WALL-E, Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story,” and Edna Mode from “The Incredibles.”

Worlds of Pixar Magnet – €5

This magnet has the Pixar lamp balanced on top of the Luxo ball. It has small colorful panels, each containing a character from a different Pixar film: Sully from “Monsters Inc.,” Miguel from “Coco,” Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story,” Joy from “Inside Out,” Lightning McQueen from “Cars,” and Eve from “WALL-E.”

Worlds of Pixar Luxo Youth Hoodie – €42

This blue hoodie has the Worlds of Pixar logo, Luxo Jr. lamp, and ball on the breast.

On the back is “Worlds of Pixar” with colorful rectangles featuring Woody, Meilin Lee, Mike Wazowski, Dory, Miguel, and Lightning McQueen.

The hood resembles the Luxo ball. It’s yellow with two red stars and a blue stripe.

Worlds of Pixar Spirit Jersey – €50

The Spirit Jersey is the same dark blue as the hoodie, with Luxo Jr. and the Pixar ball on the left breast.

“Worlds of Pixar” is across the back. The letters of Pixar feature patterns representing Dory, Sully, The Incredibles, Buzz Lightyear, and Lightning McQueen.

Several Pixar characters are featured on the sleeves.

Worlds of Pixar Hoodie – €56

This pullover hoodie is mostly white, but the left side and sleeve are dark blue.

A row of colorful rectangles features the silhouettes of a “Toy Story” alien, Edna Mode, WALL-E, Dory, and Mike Wazowski. “Worlds of” is on the white sleeve, while “Pixar” is on the left sleeve.

Worlds of Pixar Contrast Sleeve Tee – €30

This short-sleeved tee is also mainly white but with dark blue sleeves. Luxo Jr. and the Pixar ball are on the front.

“Worlds of Pixar” is on a black stripe across the tops of the sleeves.

“Worlds of Pixar” is on the back.

Worlds of Pixar Pullover Sweatshirt – €39

The pullover sweatshirt is white with yellow and blue stripes at the hem. The Pixar ball is pictured above the Worlds of Pixar logo on the chest.

Jessie, Jack-Jack, Meilin, Dory, Miguel, and Mike are on the back.

Worlds of Pixar Backpack – €30

Go to school with this Worlds of Pixar backpack. The bag is dark blue, while the straps are red.

There are patches of Mike (with a googly eye), Buzz, and Mei on the front.

The padded sections of the straps are yellow, with a silicone Luxo Jr. patch.

It also has a silicone Pixar ball zipper pull.

Worlds of Pixar Ringer Youth Tee – €20

Kids can wear this heather gray tee featuring yellow and blue stripes at the edges.

Mei, WALL-E, Jessie, Edna, Miguel, Sully, and Joy are in a circle around Luxo Jr. and the Pixar ball.

Worlds of Pixar Blue Youth Tee – €20

This youth tee is dark blue and features lenticular images of Pixar characters around Luxo Jr. balancing on the ball.

Worlds of Pixar Loungefly Backpack – €80

The Loungefly backpack is made of a dark blue fabric. Silhouettes of Jessie, Dory, Joy, Dug, WALL-E, Edna, Buzz, and Mike are embroidered in blue, yellow, green, orange, and white across the front and sides.

It has a silver zipper.

Worlds of Pixar Mug – €17

The mug is dark blue with Dory, Buzz, Mei, and Miguel in colorful blocks on one side.

“Worlds of Pixar” is on the other side.

The interior is white.

Pixar Ball Mug – €22

This rounded mug resembles the Pixar ball.

It has a dark blue handle and a flat bottom.

Worlds of Pixar Crop Top – €30

The crop top is light gray with “Worlds of Pixar” below the ball on the front.

The silhouettes of Mike, Edna, Sadness, Dory, WALL-E, and Woody are on the back in front of colorful rectangles.

Worlds of Pixar Silhouette Tee – €30

This tee is dark blue with “Worlds of Pixar” on a white stripe across the chest. Below that are the silhouettes of Dory, Buzz, Edna, and Mike.

Luxo Jr. & Pixar Ball Keychain – €12

worlds of pixar merch paris sep 2023 5875

This keychain has three charms: a dark blue Worlds of Pixar charm, a Luxo Jr. charm, and a rubber ball charm.

Pixar Ball – €10

Lastly, you can also get your own Pixar ball for playing with — or for balancing lamps on.

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