Pirates of the Caribbean Pin Sets Featuring Redd and Mickey & Friends Sail Into Walt Disney World

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Pirates of the Caribbean Pin Sets Featuring Redd and Mickey & Friends Sail Into Walt Disney World

Two new Pirates of the Caribbean pin sets are available at Walt Disney World Resort. We found both in Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom but keep your eyes peeled and you may see them over at Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar next to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates of the Caribbean Pin Starter Set – $39.99

pirates pin sets wdw 4473

This set of four pins includes a brown lanyard patterned with images of a skull wearing a pirate hat and crossed swords.

pirates pin sets wdw 4475

The four pins each feature Mickey or one of his friends dressed as a pirate. Mickey wears an eyepatch and holds a sword as he swings from a ship’s crow’s nest.

pirates pin sets wdw 4476

Goofy is singing and playing a lute at the edge of the water.

pirates pin sets wdw 4477

Pluto is pictured among the hens from Redd’s scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.

pirates pin sets wdw 4478

And Donald is standing on a ship’s deck, ready to fight a tentacled creature reaching towards him.

Pirates of the Caribbean Pin Set – $34.99

pirates pin sets wdw 4124

This set includes five pins on a square backing card resembling a treasure map. The largest pin is of Redd, with her foot up on a box.

pirates pin sets wdw 4125

The other four pins are animals from Pirates of the Caribbean: the dog with a key in its mouth, a pig relaxing in the mud, a blue crab holding a gold coin, and Peg-Leg Pete, the green pirate parrot also known as the Barker Bird.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Destination D23 Pirates Lounge Tavern

Disney just announced that Peg-Leg Pete would be returning to Magic Kingdom after a long absence, this time at a new Pirates of the Caribbean tavern.

Walt Disney originally conceived of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction as a walkthrough wax museum. The idea evolved to become a boat ride and it opened in Disneyland in March 1967, just a few months after Walt’s death.

The original attraction has 630,000 gallons of water, 53 animal audio-animatronics, and 75 human audio-animatronics. Blue Bayou Restaurant overlooks the beginning of the ride.

pirates of the caribbean new sign 3 7124439 scaled 1

Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t an opening-day attraction at Magic Kingdom because the Walt Disney World Resort was so close to the real Caribbean that the company thought it wouldn’t be of interest to Floridian guests. They were proven wrong, however, and opened the second Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom in 1973.

Versions of the ride have gone on to open in Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Shanghai Disneyland.

The ride also spawned the hugely successful “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise, which began in 2003 with “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” There have been five films so far, with more planned.

Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom has been experiencing significant downtime recently, reportedly due to the presence of a protected bat species.

Watch our Pirates of the Caribbean ride POV from Magic Kingdom:

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