REVIEW: The Exorcist: Believer House Acts as Living Trailer for Upcoming Film at Halloween Horror Nights 32

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REVIEW: The Exorcist: Believer House Acts as Living Trailer for Upcoming Film at Halloween Horror Nights 32

Blumhouse returns to Halloween Horror Nights 32 with a house based on “Exorcist: Believer” — an upcoming film in partnership with Universal Pictures set for an October 6 release.

The Exorcist: Believer House

UOR HHN 32 The Exorcist Believer Logo

Two missing girls have been found with no memory of what happened to them. But wherever they went, the ultimate evil has returned with them. Enter the most terrifying scenes from the new Blumhouse film.

After Angela and Katherine disappear at 12 years old and are found three days later with no memory of what happened, they begin to act strangely. More strange, perhaps, than you would expect from a traumatized preteen. Guests will enter an otherworldly realm and must escape with their souls intact.

UOR HHN 32 The Exorcist Believer house 1
UOR HHN 32 The Exorcist Believer house 2

This house was our least favorite (so far), but even then, it wasn’t all bad. Some members of the group had varying higher opinions, appreciating scares that were fairly decent. This house does utilize realistic scrim to give the effect of a solid wall, one of our favorite tricks. The spot we’re referring to is lit from behind to reveal an entirely different scene, and while we will avoid spoilers, let’s just say the impact is stellar.

Guests who came to last year’s event will likely recognize the staircase and bedroom from Halloween. The house is a living trailer featuring scenes from the upcoming film — “The Exorcist: Believer.” One of the earliest scenes features the three-eyed doll and a three-eyed demon creature pretty soon thereafter. Guests then enter the woods where a search is underway for the missing girls.

Once they are found, we then see them being examined with medical monitors. One of them ends up possessed, on the ceiling, as a woman seemingly attempts to perform an exorcism. Much of the imagery directly parallels what can be seen in the official trailer for the film below.

Overall, we found the experience somewhat dull. People enjoy creepy kids as an effective scare, though, and the costumes and scareactors were great. The lack of a complete narrative made it weaker than most of the houses we’ve seen this year.


Blumhouse and Universal Pictures have a production and distribution deal, and this house (plus the roaming M3GAN horde) are the lastest in a series of synergistic houses. While not named Horrors of Blumhouse like the previous few iterations, it brings the latest flick to life.

The original “The Exorcist” film from 1973 was featured in a house for HHN26. This movie (and house) are direct sequels to the original. The film brings Ellyn Burstyn back as Chris MacNeil, and also stars Leslie Odom Jr. (“Hamilton”), Ann Dowd (“Hereditary”), and Jennifer Nettles.

“The Exorcist: Believer” is directed by David Gordon Green and produced by Blumhouse’s Jason Blum with Universal Studios.


Exorcist: Believer is located at B on the map below, with the entrance outside the Universal Music Plaza.

HHN 32 USF Official Map

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