REVIEW: New Butternut & Duck Galette From Expo Circle Food Truck Halloween Horror Nights 32

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REVIEW: New Butternut & Duck Galette From Expo Circle Food Truck Halloween Horror Nights 32

The food truck in Expo Circle is offering a selection of savory dishes for Halloween Horror Nights 32, including the returning Witches Spell Cauldron Stew and new Butternut & Duck Galette.

Expo Circle Food Truck

hhn32 usf expo circle food truck 3885


hhn32 usf expo circle food truck 3886


  • πŸ†• Butternut & Duck Galette – $9.99
  • Witches Spell Cauldron Stew – $7.99
  • πŸ†• Vegan Churritos with Ice Cream – $7.99


  • Ghoul Juice – $16.50 for 20 oz. souvenir cup, $12.50 for souvenir refill or 12 oz. single serve
  • Electric Death – $16.50 for 20 oz. souvenir cup, $12.50 for souvenir refill or 12 oz. single serve
  • Canned Beverages:
    • VooDoo Brewing Co. Lacto-Kooler – $12.25 
    • Original Sin Crimson Chaos Cider – $10 
    • Miller Lite – $9.50 
    • TRULY Vodka Seltzer – $11.25

*NEW* Butternut & Duck Galette – $9.99

Dunk confit and roasted butternut squash filled pastry, garnished with buckshot candies

hhn32 butternut duck galette 8721

We didn’t expect this to be as good as it was, and this dish really made us eat our words.

hhn32 butternut duck galette 8722

The pastry is phenomenal, though the duck in ours was a little dry.

hhn32 butternut duck galette 8723

The roasted butternut squash has a sweet glaze to it, which tasted like it had a hint of honey.

hhn32 butternut duck galette 8724

The buckshot candies are a bit hard, so be careful when taking a bite.

hhn32 butternut duck galette 8727
hhn32 butternut duck galette 8729

We can’t believe this Butternut and Duck Galette is this good, but it might be our favorite savory item of the night.

Witches Spell Cauldron Stew – $7.99

Green chile and chicken stew, served with skeleton cornbread

USF WitchesSpellCauldronBrew 1

Wow, this was absolutely adorable and delicious. There was very little chicken in our bowl, but there was a plentiful amount of beans and corn. The green chili flavor was zesty and flavorful, but not to the point of being spicy.

USF WitchesSpellCauldronBrew 2

The cornbread felt a little stiff, and we fully expected to be disappointed, but that was the highlight of the dish. It was the perfect amount of sweetness, and we really wish we could just take a few of these home.

USF WitchesSpellCauldronBrew 4

Dipped in the stew, it was the perfect combination. Slightly sweet and totally savory, a delicious and wonderful choice!

USF WitchesSpellCauldronBrew 5

*NEW* Vegan Churritos with Ice Cream – $7.99

Vegan churros served with vegan gelato, coconut nectar, and OREOS

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 25

Forget everything else at this booth. The churros are the winner! This was one of our most memorable and top picks for the entire event. These are well worth waiting in line for. They may be vegan, but don’t let that steer you away. These are some of the most delicious little churros we’ve ever tasted. They’re fresh and hot and crispy and drizzled with coconut nectar for a touch of sweetness and covered in crushed Oreos. The base of this dish is a cold, creamy vegan gelato. The hot churros with the cold vanilla ice cream and Oreos is absolute perfection. These should be a year-round item at Universal Orlando. If you get nothing else at the event, you must get these churros. The portion is enough to share, but you probably won’t want to!

Ghoul Juice – $16.50 for 20 oz. souvenir cup, $12.50 for souvenir refill or 12 oz. single serve

Myers’ Dark Rum, Cherry Brandy, Simple Syrup, Mango Nectar, Lime Juice, Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Bitters, and Peychaud’s Bitters

(Photo from 2021)

While this drink was sweet, it had a sweet mango flavor. We liked it over some of the other special cocktails available, and definitely recommend trying it for yourself!

Electric Death – $16.50 for 20 oz. souvenir cup, $12.50 for souvenir refill or 12 oz. single serve

New Amsterdam Gin, Blue CuraΓ§ao, Lime Juice, Vanilla Bean, Simple Syrup, Pineapple Juice, and Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Bitters

hhn32 usf electric death drink 3804
hhn32 usf electric death drink 3806

This is a refreshing gin drink where pineapple is the most prominent flavor. There is a hint of lime and the vanilla shows up late to make it seem creamy. The alcohol is somewhat masked by the juice, and none of us could taste the pimento bitters. There are small bits of vanilla bean visible in the drink. We all agreed that it’s a pleasant, cool, and refreshing drink.

Voodoo Brewing Co. Lacto-Kooler (5.5% ABV) – $12.25

From Voodoo Brewing Co.: “Lacto-Kooler is our flavored Berliner Weisse. We made this sour ale with lots of “green” giving the beer its unique color and flavor.”

Original Sin Crimson Chaos Cider (6% ABV) – $10

From Original Sin: “Crimson Chaos was created by marrying two cherry varieties with a melody of luscious berries. The ruby red and maroon cherries introduce a balance of earthy tartness giving great depth of flavor. The berries create bursts of zest that dance on your tongue and, when combined with the cherries, result in an unforgettable joyous punch to the palate. This fruit forward blend is smooth throughout with a subtly tartness that tingles on the finish.”


The Expo Circle food truck is located at #14 on the map below, between Central Park and Springfield, USA.

UOR HHN 32 official event map numbered booths

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