REVIEW: BBQ Chipotle Turkey Leg & Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Treats Bring Tricks at Disney California Adventure

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REVIEW: BBQ Chipotle Turkey Leg & Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Treats Bring Tricks at Disney California Adventure

We wanted some of the treats available at outdoor vending locations at Disney California Adventure to leave us screaming for more, but these tricks just left us screaming. Let’s take a look at what we dug up and see which ones should have stayed buried.

Tricks, Not Treats, at Outdoor Vending Locations

  • 🆕 BBQ Chipotle Turkey Leg: $15
  • 🆕 Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog: $10
  • 🆕 Candy Apple Cotton Candy: $6.50

BBQ Chipotle Turkey Leg – $15.00

We picked up this BBQ Chipotle Turkey Leg at the outdoor vending cart across from Avengers Campus.

bbq chipotle turkey leg at DCA is a trick, not a treat.
tricks, not treats, at Disney California Adventure left us screaming.
turkeyleg1 1

This is a definite trick and not a treat. While the seasoning and overall flavor was fine, the odor of the barbecue and chipotle lingered long, long after this treat was shuffled off to the great beyond. Big turkey leg lovers may swoon for this one, but everyone else should get their spooky snack elsewhere. We cannot recommend this one.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog – $10.00

topped with peppers and onions and served with a side of chips

We unwrapped this bacon wrapped hot dog at an outdoor vending cart in La Plaza de Familia.

bacon dog menu
bacon dog1
bacon dog3

This was okay, but doesn’t quite make our tricks list. It is a pretty standard bacon wrapped hot dog, and we didn’t think it was anything special. Ours was actually a little bit dry, so if you do choose to get one, we’d recommend snagging some condiments of your preference to put on top. It did come with a bag of chips for the $10 price point. We wouldn’t recommend it, though it wasn’t terrible.

Candy Apple Cotton Candy – $6.50

Green and red swirl cotton candy in a spider-web bag

halloween 2023 dl apple cotton candy 5397

Of all the tricks, this one was the biggest of them all, as it was supposed to be available on September 1, but we didn’t find it until September 10.

halloween 2023 dl apple cotton candy 5394

It’s exactly what you would expect apple cotton candy to be.

Halloween offerings at Disneyland will be available through November 9, unless otherwise noted.

Are you looking forward to trying one of these spooky offerings, despite our foreboding warnings? Let us know in the comments.

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