REVIEW: Red Planet Punch, The Ooze, and More Out-Of-This-World Drinks at the Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club in Universal CityWalk Orlando

This Halloween, guests of all ages can visit the Red Coconut Club on CityWalk’s second level to experience a themed experience centered around the Universal Monsters. Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club is the latest seasonal overlay and offers unique cocktails and mocktails.

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club

Monstergram Pictures Presents “Target Planet Coconut”

monster gram studios hallows eve boutique 9718

Over the summer, the All Hallows Eve Boutique at Islands of Adventure was themed to the fictitious film studio Monstergram Pictures.

all hallows eve stage 13 details 1268

The Universal Classic Monsters were in the midst of creating a B-movie called “Revenge of the Red Planet” (maybe it was a working title?).

IMG 7581
IMG 7544
IMG 7535

The “film” is ready for its big premiere, and guests visiting the club will find it decorated for the occasion.

Know Before You Go

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club is open on select nights and will feature either a live DJ or live musical performances.

The club is located on the upper level of CityWalk, which means it’s available to everyone, not just guests of HHN.

There is no cover charge to enter, and all ages are welcome.

The club will serve a variety of spooky themed cocktails and mocktails in a fun, retro environment. Whether you’re attending Halloween Horror Nights or not, you can check out the Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club.

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club Menu

IMG 7606 1

Cocktails: souvenir cup 16.50 | 20 oz. 12.50 | refill 12.50

  • 🆕 Red Planet Punch
  • 🆕 Asteroid Attack
  • 🆕 Plasma Punch
  • 🆕 The Ooze

Mocktails – $8

  • 🆕 Spirit-Free Slime

For reviews on all of these new drinks, continue reading below, or watch our full video review of the new offerings:

*NEW* Red Planet Punch – souvenir cup 16.50 | 20 oz. 12.50 | refill 12.50

El Jimador tequila, Gran Gala liquor, passion fruit, pineapple, and lime juice with vanilla bean paste and edible glitter

IMG 7768
IMG 7766
IMG 3432

This tastes like a perfectly balanced margarita. The drink is tequila forward. It’s powerful, but smooth. The lime is bright and balances the drink nicely. We didn’t see edible glitter in ours, but we didn’t miss it; our drink was so expertly mixed that it might just be the best margarita on property.

*NEW* Asteroid Attack – souvenir cup 16.50 | 20 oz. 12.50 | refill 12.50

Old Forester bourbon with lemon juice, agave, and a Malbec floater with blackberry and mint syrup

IMG 7753
IMG 7747

This simple drink is a stunner, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With primary notes being just lemon and bourbon, we were shocked it was so good. The lemon is the first flavor on the palate, but the bourbon comes through on the backend. We would recommend it.

*NEW* Plasma Punch – souvenir cup 16.50 | 20 oz. 12.50 | refill 12.50

Bacardi Light rum, lime juice, dragonfruit and pear syrup, and Bitter Truth Violette, garnished with an edible orchid

IMG 3424
IMG 7779

We thought that this drink tasted as purple as it looked with a heavy pour of the Bitter Truth Violette. The rum is light, and while the violet taste is very potent, it isn’t overpowering. The mild, floral flavor is not cloying. We really liked this one.

*NEW* The Ooze – souvenir cup 16.50 | 20 oz. 12.50 | refill 12.50

New Amsterdam Gin, lime juice, vanilla bean, kiwi and honeydew syrups with tonic water

IMG 7813
IMG 7810

This drink was our favorite of the drinks at Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club. It was fun, fruity, and strong without being overly sweet. The honeydew and kiwi are a balance of sweet and tart flavors, and the finish has just a hint of vanilla. The gin rounds out the flavor profile. We thought its flavor was a bit like fruit snacks or Gushers, and though it is the sweetest of the drinks, we still didn’t find it to be too overwhelming.

*NEW* Spirit-Free Slime – $8

Lime juice, vanilla bean, kiwi, and honeydew syrups with tonic water

IMG 7790
IMG 7784

We thought the spirit-free slime was delicious. It was extremely tart and had a nice balance of sweet and sour. This is the alcohol-free version of The Ooze. This drink is excellent and will be popular with adults and kids alike.


IMG 7712

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club is located on the second floor of Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Are you looking forward to trying the new drinks at Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club? Let us know in the comments.

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