REVIEW: YETI: Campground Kills House Offers Monstrous Scares at Halloween Horror Nights 32

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REVIEW: YETI: Campground Kills House Offers Monstrous Scares at Halloween Horror Nights 32

“Yeti or not, here they come!” Escape the legendary creatures in YETI: Campground Kills, a haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 32.

YETI: Campground Kills

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You and your friends are about to venture into a 1950s campground overrun by huge, menacing yetis who rip apart anyone who gets in their way. You must flee to the ranger tower to escape.

Guests have to travel from the campground massacre through cabins, a bait shack, an outhouse, and more to make it to the safety of the Radio Tower.

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This house had gorgeous sets and good scares. When you enter the campground, the massacre has already begun. Just outside the lodge (which is a larger, more elaborate version of the food booth), a large Yeti lunges at you while someone is screaming and being mauled inside. After entering the lodge, you see a park ranger missing most of his arm. Around the corner, another Yeti is brandishing the arm. The Yeti themselves are huge.

In the campsites, you see someone’s arms being pulled back into a tent. Another tent has projections of campers being killed. Marshmallows spill out. A blood-covered mom looks for her son, Billy. When you round the corner, a Yeti is mauling another person from behind. At the human’s feet is the body of a baby Yeti.

Guests then enter Dottie’s Bait & Tackle Shop. The shop’s sign features a Yeti. Inside, Dottie herself brandishes a frying pan at a Yeti. You pass through an outhouse where you get sprayed with water and a snake appears to leap at you from a toilet (it’s a static figure though).

At campsite 32, there’s a large silver Airflyte-style camper decorated for a retirement party, complete with cupcakes and gifts. Unfortunately, the Yeti are here too. A woman in curlers is screaming while people inside the camper are attacked. Another scene takes place in a partially destroyed cabin.

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The HHN Bear (or Papa Bear) makes an appearance, which is already fun, but also acts as a nice break from the Yeti. Papa Bear was a Scareactor in “Jack Presents 25 Years of Monsters & Mayhem” at Halloween Horror Nights 25. This iconic bear was also featured in the Halloween Horror Nights 30 Tribute store in 2021.

The Yeti themselves get very close. We never felt like they would touch us, though it was creepy. We all enjoyed this house, but it’s not our top choice.

yeti terror of the yukon

This house is a sequel to Yeti: Terror of the Yukon from Halloween Horror Nights 29. It features the same family of Yeti, now attacking campers in the Rocky Mountains.


YETI: Campground Kills is located at E on the map below, with the entrance between Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon and the Tribute Store.

HHN 32 USF Official Map

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