Updated DisneylandForward Documents Give New Look at Potential Third Theme Park, Skyliner, Shopping, and More

Brit Tuttle

Updated DisneylandForward Documents Give New Look at Potential Third Theme Park, Skyliner, Shopping, and More

The documentation for DisneylandForward, a proposed theme park expansion plus retail, hotel, and parking projects for Disneyland Resort, has been updated and offers a closer look at what Disney may or may not do with the allotted land should the project move forward.


“DisneylandForward” is Disney’s effort to work with the city to grow the Disneyland Resort post-pandemic. Disney is asking the city to approve plans to add a mix of theme park, hotel, retail, dining, and entertainment on the eastern and western edges of the existing Disneyland Resort.

The plans are designed to get zoning approvals for multiple potential uses. They are not a guarantee for the end product.

Proposed Third Gate Space

DisneylandForward Updated Document Map

In Section 6.0 of the Subsequent Environmental Impact Report, titled “Alternatives to the Proposed Project,” Disney proposes a Theme Park East Overlay within the existing Anaheim Resort Specific Plan (ARSP) be created for the existing Toy Story Parking Area, as well as a Theme Park West Overlay within the existing ARSP for Paradise Pier Hotel. You can see both spaces represented above from the Aesthetics Report by 7 and 6 on the map, respectively.

This could be used to allow Disney to develop a third gate for Disneyland Resort on these properties at the same time as development for theme park uses on the expanded Theme Park District, or the Southeast District of the Disneyland Resort Specific Plan (DRSP).

If approved, Disney could utilize a cumulative total of 920,000 square feet between the two areas to build a new park. The Environmental Impact Report notes that this is currently allowed by the Anaheim Municipal Code, with approval of a conditional use permit.

Proposed Disney Skyliner or PeopleMover-Type Ride Crossing for Pedestrians

Disneyland Forward Examples of Ride Crossing

Up to two additional pedestrian bridges are being proposed for Disneyland Drive to help transport guests to the proposed new entertainment, shopping and dining area, according to the DSRP, which “will serve as a continuation of the themed environment across the roadway.”

These crossings could come in the form of a bridge and sunken roadway similar to the existing Downtown Disney bridge, though Disney has suggested alternative ride systems as well. In the document, photos of the Disney Skyliner and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover at Walt Disney World are included as “example of Ride Crossing.”

Disneyland Forward Updated Documents Toy Story Parking Area

A “noise source” has been drawn as going around the proposed Toy Story Parking Area plot, which could imply the path for this proposed pedestrian transportation, as suggested by Mouskegamer on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Stay tuned for more updates about DisneylandForward.

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