Try to Survive Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Japan

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Try to Survive Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Japan

Everyone’s favorite Good Guys doll is back for the Halloween Horror Nights season at Universal Studios Japan.

Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos

This year’s Chucky haunted house features a brand new theme. Check out the new, scary, and grotesque horror at Universal Studios Japan! Chucky goes on a rampage at this crazy carnival you won’t soon forget… IF you survive!

usj halloween horror night 2023 chuckys carnival of chaos

Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos is finally here! In this brand-new production (restricted to guests ages 15 or over), guests will enter this new, crazy carnival hosted by Chucky. Take one step inside and find yourself in a shocking hellscape. With your 3D glasses on, you’ll enter a surreal environment and see a kaleidoscope of colors and disorientation. You won’t be able to help but scream when Chucky comes at you from every corner!

This year, you’ll be able to find Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos inside Stage 18, from 10 a.m. to park close. The house is quite a sight to see, but becomes even more twisted when you put on 3D glasses. You’re sure to find Chucky delighting in all of the chaos inside.

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Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos is new this year, but Chucky has been featured at the event here at Universal Studios Japan in the past. The last three Halloween Horror Nights event seasons have offered Cult of Chucky: Hospital Ward of Madness as a house. Instead of a hospital ward, guests will be visiting Chucky in a vibrant and colorful carnival-inspired house.

usj hhn 2023 Chuckys Carnival of Chaos %E3%81%AE%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F

Chucky played a major part in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights season around the globe. Not only was Chucky featured at Universal Studios Japan, but Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida both had their own versions of a Chucky house.

All three of these houses are very different, despite featuring a killer Good Guy doll chasing you the entire time. Be sure to check out our reviews of Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Watch our video of Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos:

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