Disneyland Resort Shares Look at Cast Member-Exclusive Scare Maze

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Disneyland Resort Shares Look at Cast Member-Exclusive Scare Maze

For the past 13 years, on one night during Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort, Cast Members get to enjoy an exclusive scare maze in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Disney shared some photos and video from this year’s maze, which is part of the after-hours “Grizzly Peak Halloween Carnival” cast recognition event.

Disneyland Scare Maze Cast Event

The Disneyland Ambassadors shared an Instagram video (embedded below) of their experience in the scare maze.

Disney Parks Blog interviewed Thanasi Halfhill, who was a scarer during the event for the first time.

Disneyland cast halloween maze 1
Thanasi gets into prime position to scare fellow cast

“I used to be in Boy Scouts and the church that sponsored our meeting location would hold a haunted house every Halloween, so we would dress up and paint our faces,” Halfhill said. “We transformed the whole classroom area into a big scare maze.”

Halfhill is an attractions Cast Member who attended “Scare School” with fellow Cast Members to train for the carnival.

“This is an event just for cast members. It’s something that’s made specifically for us, to show us that we’re appreciated,” Halfhill said.

Disneyland cast halloween maze 2
Forrest Orta (left) gives creative direction to scare maze volunteers

Entertainment host Forrest Orta, attractions host Anthony Olivares, and former Cast Member Ross Woods are in charge of the event.

“Every Cast Member deserves to be celebrated for all the hard work they put in day in and day out,” Orta told Disney Parks Blog. “I’m a haunter, and this has been one of the best ways for me to demonstrate that.”

Disneyland cast halloween maze 3
This year’s scare maze volunteers gather with the Disney Ambassadors
Disneyland cast halloween maze 4
Thanasi and Forrest after a successful night of scaring

Orta hopes to incorporate more cutting-edge show elements and effects into the scare maze in the future, to elevate its immersion and fear factor.

“I know we can plus everything, just as Imagineering does,” he said.

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