‘The Last of Us’ FEDRA Rations Cans Return to Halloween Horror Nights 32

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‘The Last of Us’ FEDRA Rations Cans Return to Halloween Horror Nights 32

Halloween Horror Nights 32 brought Naughtydog’s “The Last of Us” game to the real world, and now you, too, can enjoy your rations from one of these souvenir cans. The cans initially were available, but have been sold out every time we’ve checked for a few weeks.

FEDRA Rations Cans

menu image 1

The Left Behind Ravioli has been on the menu for a while, but it hasn’t been getting served in the souvenir can.

menu image 2

We ordered the Left Behind Ravioli, eager to eat the mushrooms before they eat us.

fedra rations can 3

The FEDRA food rations can is a decent size, perfect for an apocalypse survivor to…well, keep surviving.

fedra rations can 6

The FEDRA rations cans are green and white, with large block text.

fedra rations can 4

The can looks official with the Federal Disaster Response Agency seal.

fedra rations can 2
fedra rations can 1
fedra rations can 15

Inside the can, the Left Behind Ravioli looks a little less palatable this time around than it did when we wrote our review back in September.

Will you be swinging by Halloween Horror Nights to pick up a couple of FEDRA rations cans? Let us know in the comments.

The Last of Us at Halloween Horror Nights

UOR HHN 32 The Last of Us Logo

You and your squad will encounter the haunting and overgrown world of the video game in a brand-new, terrifying way. Stay silent if you want to survive a multitude of Clickers, Hunters, and more.

The house takes guests inside the post-apocalyptical world of “The Last of Us” in honor of the 10th anniversary of the 2013 video game. After a fungal infection from a strain of the Cordyceps mushroom causes mass death and transforms Infected into monsters, survivors are mostly held in Quarantine Zones (QZs). Twenty years after the outbreak, Joel Miller is a middle-aged survivor who smuggles and kills to survive. He takes on a mission to transport a young girl, Ellie Williams, to a band of insurgents called the Fireflies. Ellie is immune to the infection and the Fireflies think they can study her to reverse engineer a vaccine.

The Last of Us Halloween Horror Nights house facade

The house takes guests through the Pittsburgh QZ (changed to Kansas City in HBO’s “The Last of Us” adaptation), a fan-favorite section of the original game when Joel and Ellie meet up with brothers Sam and Henry, and must battle their way past Raiders, Hunters, and plenty of Infected to escape.

UOR HHN 32 The Last of Us House 1

Voice actors Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) reprised their roles for re-recorded and new dialogue in the house.

UOR HHN 32 The Last of Us House 3

The house picks up immediately after Joel and Ellie have crashed their truck in the Pittsburgh QZ and are ambushed—not by Infected but by human raiders. Of course, Infected show up soon after.

Joel appears in the first room, alongside the crashed truck. There’s one live Scareactor as Ellie, too. Later, there’s a projection of Joel and Ellie putting on gas masks to protect themselves from spores, which are realized as snoap in the air around guests (the effect wasn’t on during our first walkthrough). A second live Joel appears during the sniping scene (although you might miss him as he’s 25 feet in the air and a Bloater is right in front of you). At the end of the house, static figures of Joel and Ellie are facing away. In the game, Ellie swears, but she’s cut off before dropping an F-bomb in the house. Brothers Henry and Sam don’t appear.

There was a noticeable lack of guns, which feature heavily in the game, that we appreciated.

UOR HHN 32 The Last of Us House 2

Though Clickers are the Infected featured in promotional media for HHN, Runners and Bloaters appear too. Runners and Clickers are featured the most but there are two terrifying Bloaters. One rips the head off of a mannequin. The Clickers spray water. The Infected progress as you go through.

Other than the Bloaters, it wasn’t remarkably scary. Our general feeling is that without the uniqueness of the Infected, it wasn’t significantly different from every other zombie house. Still, it was a decent IP-inspired house. If you’re not familiar with “The Last of Us,” it’s skippable, but if you are familiar, it’s good.

the last of us house 20230901 2155212


the last of us house 20230901 2155302

The Last of Us is located at I on the map below, with the entrance near Men in Black: Alien Attack.

UOR HHN 32 event map 2023 houses

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