New Ahsoka nuiMOs Plush & Outfit Available at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

New Ahsoka nuiMOs Plush & Outfit Available at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

New Ahsoka nuiMOs Plush & Outfit Available at Disneyland Resort

A new Ahsoka nuiMOs plush and outfit are available at Disneyland Resort in honor of the “Ahsoka” series which just aired on Disney+. We found the nuiMOs plush and outfit in Pooh Corner at Disneyland Park.

Ahsoka nuiMOs Plush – $21.99

ahsoka nuimos dl 2803

The plush depicts Ahsoka wearing a brown headband, brown outfit, and light brown shoes.

ahsoka nuimos dl 2804

The outfit is printed on, so cannot be removed, but other outfits can be placed over it.

ahsoka nuimos dl 2805

Ahsoka is a Togruta known for her distinctive white face markings, blue and white lekku (headtails), and orange skin.

Ahsoka nuiMOs Outfit – $12.99

ahsoka nuimos dl 2807

This red outfit is inspired by the outfit Ahsoka wears in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” seasons 3 – 5. It’s a sleeveless red dress with a belt and matching boots. A decorative piece of cloth hangs from the front of the belt and there is orange embroidery on the chest instead of the cutout in Ahsoka’s original outfit.

ahsoka nuimos dl 2808

The nuiMOs outfit was designed by Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the animated “Star Wars” shows.

Ahsoka Tano


Ahsoka Tano debuted as Anakin Skywalker’s 14-year-old padawan in the 2008 “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” film. She was a main character throughout the series that followed. She reappeared in “Star Wars Rebels,” which took place after the rise of the Empire and Darth Vader, in the years just before “A New Hope.”

Rosario Dawson portrays Ahsoka in live-action. Dawson first appeared in “The Mandalorian,” and reprised the role in “The Book of Boba Fett” before leading “Ahsoka,” which is set a few years after “Return of the Jedi.”

“Ahsoka” is a spinoff from the other live-action shows, but acts as more of a sequel to “Star Wars Rebels.” Ahsoka teams up with Sabine Wren, also from “Rebels,” to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn and rescue their friend, Ezra Bridger. Hera Syndulla and her droid Chopper from “Rebels” are also major characters.

All eight episodes of “Ahsoka” have premiered on Disney+. A second season has not yet been announced.

Guests can meet Ahsoka in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. In 2024, she will be added to all versions of Star Tours.

Check out some Ahsoka merchandise from Disneyland Resort:

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