New Park Exclusive Disney’s Animal Kingdom Collection Expands with Ear Headband, Pin & More

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New Park Exclusive Disney’s Animal Kingdom Collection Expands with Ear Headband, Pin & More

A vibrant new collection celebrating Disney’s Animal Kingdom and its unique offerings debuted at the park in late September. The merchandise line, which initially consisted of a throw blanket, mug, and pillow, has expanded to include a vast array of items, including a brand-new ear headband, several clothing options, and more. We found the new items at Riverside Depot, located on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

New Disney’s Animal Kingdom Merchandise Collection

New DAK Merch 2023 29

The previous items of the line all shared the same artwork: a vivid stylized landscape that contained animals like elephants, giraffes, and zebras along with Disney’s Animal Kingdom-themed imagery like the Tree of Life and the Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain attraction structure. That imagery is largely replicated on the new items in the collections, with a few of the new threads putting their own unique spin on the artwork.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Ear Headband – $34.99

New DAK Merch 2023 7

This ear headband matches the previously-released throw blanket and pillow with its earthy, but still vibrant colorway. Its multi-layered central bow contains brown, red, orange, and green sections and features a Tree of Life pin at its center.

New DAK Merch 2023 9

The green-and-gold pin serves as the centerpiece of the bow, much like the Tree of Life does the visual and physical centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom itself. The 145-foot sculpture contains hundreds of intricate animal carvings and has been at Disney’s Animal Kingdom since its 1998 opening, serving as the park’s icon.

New DAK Merch 2023 10

The artwork stretches across the front and back of both ears. A red elephant silhouette appears on the front of one ear amidst sun and plant iconography. A Hidden Mickey also appears in the middle of a brown leaf.

New DAK Merch 2023 11

A chimpanzee swings onto the front of the other ear, its silhouette appearing atop abstract warm-colored patterns. There’s a Hidden Mickey beneath its arm.

New DAK Merch 2023 12

The artwork continues on the other side of each ear, with its references to Disney’s Animal Kingdom becoming more obvious.

New DAK Merch 2023 13

A white lizard silhouette crawls atop a brown shape that looks quite similar to the silhouette of Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, with the temple-like shape to its left looking similar to a Yeti statue in the attraction queue. Leaves and a butterfly appear around the edges of the ear while ants crawl toward a Mickey head and its center.

New DAK Merch 2023 14

A white-and-orange striped snake slithers toward a Mickey head on the other ear. More temple-like silhouettes appear on the edges.

New DAK Merch 2023 15

The artwork is stretched across the padded headband. The Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo is embroidered along the side.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Pin – $14.99

New DAK Merch 2023 20

This pin largely replicates the central design of the mug that was released during the first wave of this collection. The artwork itself is near-identical and features plants and animal imagery surrounding the Tree of Life; the only noticeable difference is that the pin features an arched Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo beneath the Tree of Life.

New DAK Merch 2023 21

The Tree of Life and some of the plants and animals are raised against the white pin. Most, however, are flat.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom T-Shirt – $29.99

New DAK Merch 2023 22

This gray unisex t-shirt places the previously seen animal and plant shapes atop a dark Mickey Mouse silhouette. Several icons fill the Mickey outline, the majority of which are multi-colored.

New DAK Merch 2023 23
New DAK Merch 2023 24

The Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo is printed on the left sleeve.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Women’s T-Shirt – $39.99

New DAK Merch 2023 25

This yellow women’s t-shirt is a more creative take on its unisex alternative, borrowing the Mickey silhouette but filling it with abstract polka dot designs. The dots give way to a zebra print on Mickey’s foot while a giraffe covers much of the silhouette’s center. A yellow butterfly flies over Mickey’s face.

New DAK Merch 2023 26

The Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo is printed beneath the neckline on the back of the shirt.

New DAK Merch 2023 27
New DAK Merch 2023 28

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Button-down Shirt – $59.99

New DAK Merch 2023 16

This item takes the repeating animal pattern from the gray unisex tee and stretches it across a white button-down shirt. Warthogs, elephants, antelopes, and butterflies are among the several animals that repeatedly appear across this shirt. They’re intermittently interrupted by a multi-colored Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo.

New DAK Merch 2023 17

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Ornament – $21.99

New DAK Merch 2023 1

This ornament takes the design from the aforementioned pin and previously released mug and places it on a Mickey-shaped piece of wood.

New DAK Merch 2023 2

The design appears exactly as it does on the mug, but with a bit more texture. The Tree of Life and animal carvings are embossed, adding a new proverbial and physical touch to the collection. The ornament contains five layers of material, with the base layers acting as a black outline for the detailed piece.

New DAK Merch 2023 4

The ornament contains a hole between the two Mickey ears from which it can be hung on a holiday tree or any other object. The back of the decoration is natural wood colored and is embossed with the Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney logos.

New DAK Merch 2023 5
New DAK Merch 2023 6

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Magnet – $14.99

New DAK Merch 2023 18

The magnet features the same Mickey-shaped animal and plant design as the mug, pin, and ornament. A second layer containing the Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo has been attached toward the bottom.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Photo Frame – $34.99

Disneys Animal Kingdom Photo Frame 1

This photo frame features a similar pattern to the rest of this park-exclusive collection. It can fit a photo sized at 5 inches by 7 inches.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Photo Frame – $49.99

animal kingdom circular frame 1063

This frame is a little bit more elaborate. The actual frame is circular on a pole leading from a round base.

animal kingdom circular frame 1068

The frame consists of two circular pieces covered in the same colorful designs as the other merch. The Tree of Life is in the center, so you could keep it as-is or put a photo inside.

animal kingdom circular frame 1065
animal kingdom circular frame 1066
animal kingdom circular frame 1069

The base features the Disney’s Animal Kingdom wordmark.

Will you be picking up any of the merchandise released as part of the new park-exclusive collection at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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