OP-ED: Skip the Drama, Wait for Lorcana — Why You Should Avoid Resales on Disney’s New TCG

Dylan Kennedy Grey

OP-ED: Skip the Drama, Wait for Lorcana — Why You Should Avoid Resales on Disney’s New TCG

Dylan Kennedy Grey

OP-ED: Skip the Drama, Wait for Lorcana — Why You Should Avoid Resales on Disney’s New TCG

We’ve been providing information for WDWNT readers and viewers who continue to wait for Lorcana to become available near them, but we want to make sure our community knows that more product is on the way. Since its limited small-market release, subsequent mass market release, and intermittent restocks both at Walt Disney World and mass market locations, Lorcana cards have been difficult to acquire directly from retailers. High resale prices will not last forever, and we’re interested in seeing that happen as soon as possible to get more product into players’ hands without paying dramatic markups.

Our best advice? Just wait.

Why You Should Wait for Lorcana Reprints

Guests at Walt Disney World who are going to wait for Lorcana will be subject to purchase limits to ensure product for more guests.

While it is very tempting to pay the marked-up prices for a few packs of Lorcana when you have been unable to get it from retailers, the market for Lorcana can only exist when people are willing to pay high prices. The scarcity of product is driven by people knowing they can quickly double or triple their investment by buying out everything when they see it in stock. Some big box retail locations, as well as Walt Disney World, have attempted to combat this by keeping their shipments behind customer service counters and enforcing buying limits on limited product restocks.


The marked up values on Lorcana are directly related to the newness of the game and current scarcity of products. We know that Ravensburger, the game’s publisher, is aware that people are seeing these high prices while they wait for Lorcana. They have announced reprints, but those are not expected until later this year.

Play Now, Wait for Lorcana Competitive Play Later

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If you just can’t wait for Lorcana products to become available at a retailer, one of the lowest markups on current product is purchasing starter decks from which the included booster packs have been removed. Though these sets are unlikely to yield dramatic wins in competitive play at local game shops, they do have complete sets of cards that function well and can give folks with a more casual interest in the game the chance to play. The starter decks are currently selling for around $20 with the booster pack removed. They are a solid gateway to the game, though, so if you’re tired of holding out, it’s a great way to get started.

Wait for Lorcana and Learn to Play with WDWNT Play

While you wait for Lorcana, you can learn to play the game with our YouTube video below. Additionally, we’ve hosted a Learn to Play event with WDWNT Play. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more opportunities like this in the future.

Other options include learning to play on fan-made websites, where you can give the game a try in a virtual environment while you wait for Lorcana cards to be restocked. Our opinion is that the two best options are Lorcanito, a web-based tabletop simulator, and Pixelborn, a downloaded version.

Are you still holding out for some Lorcana cards, or have you scored a restock? Let us know in the comments.

Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn

lorcana rise of the floodborn cards

Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn will be released to game stores on November 17, followed by a wide release on December 1. Read more about Rise of the Floodborn:

Disney100 edition of Disney Lorcana will also be released on December 1.

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