Passholder-Exclusive Dr. Oddfellow Card Now Available at Universal Orlando Resort

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Passholder-Exclusive Dr. Oddfellow Card Now Available at Universal Orlando Resort

A tarot-inspired collectible Dr. Oddfellow card is now available exclusively to Universal Orlando Resort Annual Passholders.

Collectible Dr. Oddfellow Card

dr. oddfellow passholder card 5073

The card comes in a black sleeve featuring Oddfellow’s sigil.

dr. oddfellow passholder card 5076

The QR code on the back leads to a Discover Universal blog post about Oddfellow.

dr. oddfellow passholder card 5077

The card depicts Dr. Oddfellow in his fur-lined red coat and top hat, carrying his cane topped with a glowing green skull. This is the same outfit he wears in Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horrors scare zone during Halloween Horror Nights 32.

dr. oddfellow passholder card 5082

The background is dark blue with a celestial object displaying planets and zodiac signs. “Deceit” is printed at the bottom.

dr. oddfellow passholder card 5079

The back of the card has a paragraph of information about Oddfellow.

dr. oddfellow passholder card 5083

Born in the late 1800s, Dr. Oddfellow spent the early decades of his life seeking out curiosities and unusual sources of power across the globe. Through twisted acts of distortion and deception, he grew in strength until he was able to enter the realm of the zodiac. There, he took control of the ancient powers that influence humanity and used them to create twisted lifeforms deep in the jungle. This allowed him to become immortal in the 1930s. Now he intends to use his powers to deceive and maniuplate the masses.

At the bottom of the card is “Universal Orlando Passholder Exclusive Collectible 2023.”

The Dr. Oddfellow card is available to Passholders at the UOAP Lounge in Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Five and Dime in Universal Studios Florida while supplies last.

Dr. Oddfellow was introduced in 2000 for the tenth anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights. Before HHN 32, his only appearance was in The Fearhouse that year. He was created as part of the backstory for Jack the Clown, and their tales are still intertwined, but Oddfellow’s story has been expanded. The night he killed Jack in 1939, Oddfellow was also responsible for a gruesome massacre of the members and patrons at his circus in a twisted ritual to gain the power of the dark zodiac. After using the power to become immortal, he dealt with Jack, and in their scuffle, Jack scratched Oddfellow’s face. Not only did the blood gift immortality to Jack, but the scratch remains on Oddfellow’s face, no matter what form he takes.

Passholders can also purchase new snack-themed merchandise and exclusive Halloween Horror Nights Dueling Dragons merchandise. A new UOAP Coca-Cola Freestyle mug was also just released.

Halloween Horror Nights 32 runs through November 4 this year. Check out our full guide (with reviews) of HHN 32.

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