Refurbished World Celebration DVC Kiosk Reopens at EPCOT

Shannen Ace

Refurbished World Celebration DVC Kiosk Reopens at EPCOT

The World Celebration Disney Vacation Club kiosk has reopened at EPCOT following a refurbishment. The World Celebration kiosk closed after the World Discovery kiosk reopened. Both now have similar features.

DVC Kiosk

epcot dvc kiosk 3350

The kiosk is on the bridge leading to World Showcase. It uses the same blue as other World Celebration signage and structures.

epcot dvc kiosk 3351

There is a Chase ATM built-into the kiosk.

epcot dvc kiosk 3353
epcot dvc kiosk 3352

There are two benches — one blue and one white — each with outlets on the end for charging your phone or other device.

epcot dvc kiosk 3361
epcot dvc kiosk 3362
epcot dvc kiosk 3364
epcot dvc kiosk 3354

The light blue of World Celebration is complemented by white features and black detailing.

epcot dvc kiosk 3355

A sleek new podium has the DVC logo in black on the front.

epcot dvc kiosk 3356

A DVC poster is in a rounded black frame.

epcot dvc kiosk 3357

There’s a large map of the world with Mickey heads marking different DVC locations. It reads, “A world to discover.”

epcot dvc kiosk 3358

There are two heaters and to fans mounted on the ceiling, ready for any weather.

epcot dvc kiosk 3359
epcot dvc kiosk 3360
epcot dvc kiosk 3366
epcot dvc kiosk 3367

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