Universal Begins Work on New ‘Bourne’ Installment, Targets ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ Director

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Universal Begins Work on New ‘Bourne’ Installment, Targets ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ Director

Universal Studios is in the early stages of re-launching one of its most lucrative intellectual properties, as Deadline has reported that the company has commenced early development on a new “Bourne” film. The outlet states that the studio is “in negotiations” with “All Quiet On The Western Front” filmmaker Edward Berger to helm and direct the next installment in the spy-thriller franchise.

Universal Begins Work on New ‘Bourne’ Film

Edward Berger
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Berger previously directed 2022’s “All Quiet On The Western Front,” a Netflix-distributed World War 1 epic that was nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The film won the Oscar for Best International Feature Film.

The relaunch is in very early development, per Deadline, with Berger being the only name attached. A script has not yet been penned.

Deadline also reports that Matt Damon, who has starred in four out of the five movies in the “Bourne” franchise, has not yet been approached about a potential return as the iconic Jason Bourne character. The outlet writes that the actor “would be first approached to return in the iconic role” but that “everything has to be executed perfectly for Damon to even consider coming back to the franchise.” Damon did not appear in “The Bourne Legacy,” the fourth film in the series, because it was not helmed by director Paul Greengrass.

Jason Bourne Matt Damn
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Universal Studios launched the “Bourne” franchise, based on the series of novels initially by Robert Ludlum, in 2002 with the release of “The Bourne Identity.” The film was a success, earning over $214 million at the worldwide box office against a $60 million budget.

Five movies in the series have been released to this point, with the most recent, “Jason Bourne,” hitting theaters in 2016. The franchise has earned over $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office, cementing it as one of Universal Studios’ more popular and profitable series.


“Bourne” even has representation in Universal’s theme parks, with “The Bourne Stuntacular” debuting at Universal Studios Florida in 2020. The stunt show follows Bourne as he’s pursued by sinister characters across three continents; it replaced Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time, which closed in 2017.

Are you excited that a new “Bourne” film is in development? Do you hope to see Damon return? Let us know in the comments.

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