Disney Modifies Jollywood Nights Map to Reflect New Procedures for Jazzy Holidays at the Hollywood Brown Derby Due to High Demand

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Disney Modifies Jollywood Nights Map to Reflect New Procedures for Jazzy Holidays at the Hollywood Brown Derby Due to High Demand

Disney has released a new Jollywood Nights map on this, the second night of the new event, with the updated procedure for guests wishing to enjoy the Jazzy Holidays offering at The Hollywood Brown Derby. This is one of just two notable changes to the new printing of the Disney Jollywood Nights map.

Disney Jollywood Nights Map Update for Jazzy Holidays

Disney Jollywood Nights Map change

In the image above, we took a photo side-by-side of the new Disney Jollywood Nights map (left) and the map from last week’s event (right). Under the Jazzy Holidays at the Brown Derby section, the Disney Jollywood Nights map has been updated to add a comment for guests looking to join the walk-up list at The Hollywood Brown Derby during the event; the new comment reads, “If the walk-up list is full, please check back later.”


When we checked the app, we first got a notice that guests could only be seated after showing their valid credentials.


Our app told us that the walk-up list was full. We checked back several times, but didn’t see any openings.


When we walked over near The Hollywood Brown Derby, we noticed this queue had formed; this is a first come, first serve line for The Hollywood Brown Derby, but no indication that this is an option is written in the app or on the newly printed Disney Jollywood Nights map. This new process process is, however, detailed on the Walt Disney World website, if not on documents actively accessible during the event.

Map for Disney Jollywood Nights Loses Its First Night Shimmer


The other noticeable change to the Disney Jollywood Nights map is a bit lackluster (literally). The Jollywood Nights map has lost its luster finish from the first night; where the outside cover of the map once was shiny, now it is printed in standard gloss. In the photo above, the new map is on the left, and the golden glow of the original is on the right.

New Process to Experience Jazzy Holidays at The Hollywood Brown Derby

Walt Disney World Resort has updated the reservation system for Jazzy Holidays at The Hollywood Brown Derby, an experience offered exclusively during the Disney Jollywood Nights holiday event currently occurring on select nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios through December 20. The change comes following an initially challenging virtual queue system that prevented some guests from experiencing the offering.

Disney Jollywood Nights

Tables at The Hollywood Brown Derby will now be available during Disney Jollywood Nights on a first-come, first-served basis, with additional capacity opening up via a mobile walk-up list as the evening progresses. Walt Disney World Resort announced the alteration on their official website, even though neither the Disney Jollywood Nights map or app detail this process:

Tables will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until Jazzy Holidays at The Hollywood Brown Derby reaches capacity for the first seating of the night, at which point we will open up additional capacity with a mobile walk-up list throughout the evening. The queue for the first-come, first-served seating will open close to the beginning of the event; seating is limited and we anticipate filling that seating quickly.

Once first-come, first-served seating has reached capacity, check availability to join the mobile walk-up list for this experience throughout Disney Jollywood Nights. Please enjoy the other holly-jolly activities Disney Jollywood Nights has to offer while you wait!Walt Disney World Resort Website

The resort also detailed how the mobile walk-up list will function:

  • Check availability for Jazzy Holidays at The Hollywood Brown Derby via the [My Disney Experience] app — or by scanning a QR code located in the restaurant’s lobby.
  • If the walk-up list is full, then please check back later.
  • If there is availability, use the app to add your party to the walk-up list. At that time, you can also confirm your party details, including special dietary requests
  • Once your table is ready, you’ll be notified to proceed to a specified location.

Walt Disney World Resort Website

image 9

The Hollywood Brown Derby utilized a virtual queue system throughout the first offering of Disney Jollywood Nights on November 11 in anticipation of high demand and limited capacity. Guests had to be within close physical proximity of the restaurant to join the queue, and this, combined with demand, made joining the queue challenging once it ultimately opened.

The new system, in theory, eliminates these challenges. Guests who arrive early will be seated first, and once there is available capacity, guests eager to experience Jazzy Holidays at The Hollywood Brown Derby will be able to join the mobile walk-up list through their cell phones.

Disney describes Jazzy Holidays at The Hollywood Brown Derby as a “smooth jazz joint” where guests “can enjoy holiday music, craft cocktails, and an exclusive menu of light bites in a sophisticated setting.” Read our full review of the exclusive food offerings and general experience here.

image 11

Are you planning to attend Disney Jollywood Nights sometime this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

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