Man Arrested for Secretly Filming Guest in Bathroom Stall at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

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Man Arrested for Secretly Filming Guest in Bathroom Stall at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

A 22-year-old Kentucky man was arrested for secretly filming someone using the bathroom at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa last month.

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It’s a lesson that even at one of Disney World’s most high-end hotels, crimes can still happen.

The situation that led to Clayton Snider’s arrest and his third-degree felony video voyeurism charge unfolded on October 6. Snider has denied the allegations, and his attorney did not respond to a message for comment Wednesday.

The unidentified male victim — who was older than 19, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s arrest report – had been eating dinner with his family in the Grand Floridian Cafe when he left to go to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the victim said a stranger sneakily photographed him over the stall while the victim was going to the bathroom.

The victim described the stranger as wearing black slip-on Skechers.

The victim went back to the cafe and described what happened to his family.

At the Grand Floridian, there was a confrontation with Snider in the bathroom as the victim returned to the restroom. It’s unclear who from the family said what because the Orange County Sheriff’s arrest report is redacted. Snider “aloofly answered, ‘No,’” the report said when he was asked if he had photographed the victim. Snider refused to hand over his phone.

Snider left the bathroom, and the family alerted Disney employees.

Law enforcement was notified too.

Snider, who wore black Skechers, allowed an official to look at the photographs in the main album on his phone, and nothing suspicious turned up at first.

However, then officials found a recently deleted album on the phone and discovered the evidence they were looking for, the sheriff’s report said

The last item in the deleted album was a video, which according to the report, “depicted an adolescent Caucasian male sitting on a toilet in a bathroom stall. From the perspective of the video, it was clear that it had been taken from an elevated position, over the divider. The young male had his shorts down around his ankles and was wearing a blue shirt.”

Authorities said the young male in the video was clearly the victim.

Snider requested an attorney, which ended his sheriff’s interview. His iPhone in a Lilo and Stitch case ran out of battery, and Snider refused to give authorities his passcode for his Apple watch.

“Both items were placed in evidence,” the arrest report said. “Based upon the investigation and the totality of circumstances, there is probable (cause) to believe Clayton engaged in video voyeurism, justifying a physical arrest.”

Snider was taken to the Orange County Jail.

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