NEW Mickey Mouse-Shaped Peppermint and Glitter Jingle Bell Glow Cubes Ring in the Holidays at Disneyland Resort

Kyle Silagyi

NEW Mickey Mouse-Shaped Peppermint and Glitter Jingle Bell Glow Cubes Ring in the Holidays at Disneyland Resort

The holiday season is in full swing at Disneyland Resort, and new, festive Mickey Mouse-shaped glow cubes are now available to celebrate.

Peppermint Glowcube Price

The Mickey Mouse-shaped peppermint glow cube is available to purchase at Disneyland Park at Bengal Barbecue, Galactic Grill, Harbour Galley, Mint Julep Bar, Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante Red Rose Taverne, and Refreshment Corner.

You can also find it at Disney California Adventure at Bayside Brews, Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, Corn Dog Castle, Paradise Garden Grill, Smokejumpers Grill, Seasonal Snack, and Disney Festival of Holidays Marketplaces.

Christmas Glowcubes Price

The Mickey Mouse-shaped glitter jingle bell glow cubes are available at Bengal Barbecue, Galactic Grill, Harbour Galley, Little Red Wagon, Mint Julep Bar, Red Rose Taverne, and Refreshment Corner at Disneyland Park.

They’re also sold at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, Carthay Circle Restaurant, Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream, Corn Dog Castle, Hollywood Lounge, Smokejumpers Grill, and Studio Catering Co. at Disney California Adventure.

Mickey Mouse-Shaped Peppermint Glow Cube – $6.19

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 1

The peppermint glow cube is shaped exactly like the classic hard candy, save for the two Mickey ears on top.

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 11

The glow cube is molded to look like a wrapped piece of peppermint.

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 2

A button between the ears turns the glow cube on or off.

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 4

The white stripes are present on the front and back, but aren’t connected.

Mickey Mouse-Shaped Glitter Glow Cubes – $6.19 (each)

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 8

These glow cubes are shaped like jingle bells. This glow cube is red.

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 10

Three “bells” are put together to make the shape of a Mickey head.

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 9

The button to turn the glow cube on and off is located on the bottom.

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 6

The glow cube also comes in green.

Disneyland Christmas Glowcubes 2023 7

They also actually jingle, so give them a shake if you get one!

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