PHOTOS: Out of This World Retro Tomorrowland Posters Refreshed After Fading in Magic Kingdom

Dylan Kennedy Grey

PHOTOS: Out of This World Retro Tomorrowland Posters Refreshed After Fading in Magic Kingdom

Greetings from beyond the stars! The retro tourism posters near the Purple Wall in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom have been replaced.

The designs of these posters remain the same, but they were reprinted after significant sun bleaching, so they look fresher and more colorful than before. These posters originally hung outside the long-defunct Timekeeper attraction in Tomorrowland, which showcased the Timekeeper and his amazing Time Machine.

Retro Posters in Tomorrowland

retro poster tomorrowland 1 1

The first poster features a Space Home & Garden Show.

retro poster tomorrowland 1 5

The image on this poster depicts a group of three people enjoying an exhibit at the fictional Space Home & Garden Show.

retro poster tomorrowland 1 4

The text boasts a large collection of presentations, including looks into futuristic dog-walking, vacuuming, timeshare opportunities, and more.

retro poster tomorrowland 1 3

The poster also advertises The Nutz & Boltz Boys, an all-robot orchestra providing entertainment for the show.

retro poster tomorrowland 2 1

The next poster depicts an advertisement for Astro Orbiter.

retro poster tomorrowland 2 4

The League of Planets, a fictional organization promoting peace and interconnectivity among intelligent life planets within the Tomorrowland universe, is advertising its newest attraction.

retro poster tomorrowland 2 5

The art on the poster uses bright colors and bold lines.

retro poster tomorrowland 2 3

The text reads, “Experience a Spin Around the Planets on the Symbol of Interplanetary Fellowship and Universal Harmony.”

retro poster tomorrowland 2 2

The bottom of this poster indicates where to find the “new” Astro Orbiter attraction.

retro poster tomorrowland 3 1

This poster details the 225th annual Antique Rocket Show and Swoop Meet.

retro poster tomorrowland 3 2

At the fictional rocket show, attendees can see the largest collection of antique rocket ships in the universe.

retro poster tomorrowland 3 3

The poster tells viewers that they can see “worlds-popular” models at the meet.

retro poster tomorrowland 3 4

The models listed include the Marsmobile, Galaxy Whizzer, Dipper Deluxe, Zephyr 5000, Cosmic Cruiser, and Moonliner. Each is depicted blasting off in front of a red planet on the poster.

retro poster tomorrowland 3 5

The bottom corner of the poster says that the swoop meet is “coming soon where the spaceways meet in Tomorrowland.”

retro poster tomorrowland 4 1

The poster on the left features the conducting skills of Leonard Burnedstar with The Martian Pops Orchestra.

retro poster tomorrowland 4 3
retro poster tomorrowland 4 2

The poster states that the fictional concert is presented by The Loyal Order of Little Green Beings.

retro poster tomorrowland 4 4

Burnedstar is depicted among a magical swirl of music on the poster.

retro poster tomorrowland 4 5

The poster includes the names of Mars vocalists Caruso Universo and Maria Phobos Deimos, and special guest stars Sirius, Centauri, and Procyon.

retro poster tomorrowland 5 1

The last poster advertises Tomorrowland Towers Hover-Hotel.

retro poster tomorrowland 5 2
retro poster tomorrowland 5 3

The art on this poster depicts a robot host escorting a person from their spaceship. The robot wears a top hat, epaulets, and brass cuffs as part of its uniform.

retro poster tomorrowland 5 5

The hotel is described as being three miles above Tomorrowland and gives would-be guests directions to its location on the Atmosphere Three skyway exit.

retro poster tomorrowland 5 4

The text on the poster says the amenities provided at the Hover-Hotel include robot valets in every room and an award-winning automat.

retro poster tomorrowland 5 6

The fine print on the poster declares that it is Interplanetary Spaceship Club-approved.

Will you be keeping an eye out for these refreshed posters on your next trip to Tomorrowland? Do immersive details like these posters make your Walt Disney World experience more magical? Let us know in the comments.

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