REVIEW: Trying Bites and Beverages From the NEW Palm Breeze Bar at Disneyland Hotel

Dylan Kennedy Grey

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REVIEW: Trying Bites and Beverages From the NEW Palm Breeze Bar at Disneyland Hotel

Dylan Kennedy Grey

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REVIEW: Trying Bites and Beverages From the NEW Palm Breeze Bar at Disneyland Hotel

While The Villas the the Disneyland Hotel officially opened a few weeks back, it did not open with its new dining venue. However, as of November 2, guests can now dine at the Palm Breeze Bar, which offers many new dishes and drinks to those either staying on the premises or just passing by. We, of course, went to check out what the location has to offer and have a review of a majority of the menu below.

Palm Breeze Bar


Palm Breeze Bar draws inspiration from California architecture’s modern design as well as the historic and iconic work of Disney Legend Mary Blair.


Upon entering the outdoor venue, you’ll find art throughout the bar inspired by classic Walt Disney Animation Studios films and Disneyland Park itself.


You can belly up to the bar to enjoy your food and drinks.


There is also a variety of seating throughout if the bar isn’t your style.


Palm Breeze Bar also offers a nice view of the E-Ticket Pool.

Palm Breeze Bar Menu


The Palm Breeze Bar menu is yellow and red with a retro-style logo for the bar on the front.


Inside are pastel-colored graphics and listings for the various food and beverage offerings available.

Pineapple Cooler – $9

pineapple shrub, orange juice, grenadine


This is a very light and refreshing drink. It’s basically pineapple juice with a hint of orange juice, but not chunky at all.


We didn’t taste the grenadine at all, but it’s still a nice, tropical non-alcoholic drink. We think it’s a great option for kids dining at the bar with their parents.

Orange Bourbon Punch – $22

Angel’s Envy Bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, Strong Brew Orange Tea

Orange Bourbon Punch2

The Orange Bourbon Punch is sweet with a bold bourbon flavor. We didn’t get too much of the orange, and tasted more bourbon and the iced tea flavor.

Orange Bourbon Punch1

We’re not big bourbon fans, but this drink is tasty and refreshing, and the flavors work well together.

Fifty-Five-Fifty – $16

Selva Coconut Rum, frozen coconut purée, peach juice, mint

IMG 8172

The Fifty-Five-Fifty is delicious! The main flavor here is coconut, with a hint of peach and mint at the end.

IMG 8175

It’s very light and refreshing, and is perfect for those who don’t necessarily like the taste of alcohol.

Signature Breezy Marg – $20

Codigo Reposado Tequila, charred Meyer lemon juice, Cointreau, agave nectar, garinshed with charred Meyer lemon wheel


This is a strong margarita. It’s very tequila-heavy, which, for $20, we’d hope so.


We think tequila lovers will enjoy this one.


We do like the black salt added to the side of the glass.


For us, it would be tough to drink given that all we tasted was tequila. Overall, it’s a nice but powerful beverage.

Oaxacan Old Fashioned– $24

Ilegal Mezcal, agave nectar, grapefruit bitters


We can see how some may enjoy the Oaxacan Old Fashioned, However, it is way too strong and smoky for our tastes.


This drink has mezcal instead of whiskey, and it is heavy. We can still taste the sweetness of it, and again, can see how Old Fashioned fans would enjoy it. It is very strong, though.

Strawberry Thyme Fizz – $17

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Cynar, strawberry-thyme syrup, lemon juice, Prosecco

Strawberry Thyme Fizz 4

The Strawberry Thyme Fizz is delicious! You can definitely taste the alcohol, but the strawberry purée and Prosecco make it super refreshing and sweet.

Strawberry Thyme Fizz 2

We really liked this one and would get it again.

Ahi Tuna Tataki – $29

aji amarillo ponzu, persillade, crispy wonton


We’re starting off strong with the food. This is, by far, the best shareable option.


The ahi tuna is cooked perfectly, and melts in your mouth.


The greens on the side add a nice flavor and crunch when combined with the fish. The ponzu sauce is also excellent.

Avocado and Lime Hummus Dip – $18

crudité vegetables, espelette, crispy pita


This menu option was the least enjoyable for us. The hummus needs a bit more salt and tastes bland. We can taste more avocado and oil than anything.


It’s nice to have both pita chips and vegetables to dip in the hummus, though the pita chips are super thick. This made it tough for us to bite through. We think just adding salt would make this much better.

Coctel de Mariscos– $29

fresh market fish, Gulf shrimp, snow crab claw, avocado

Coctel de Mariscos1

This is a high-quality seafood cocktail.

Coctel de Mariscos3

The cocktail sauce is salty with a bit of kick, and there is lots of seafood in there to enjoy.

Coctel de Mariscos4

$29 is a little steep for this size, but you do get a lot of seafood. There is also a fair amount of avocado on the side, which is nice.

Cocktail Chicken Wings – $22

bourbon barbecue glaze, chili aïoli


We really enjoyed these Cocktail Chicken Wings. The glaze on the outside is subtle but has great flavor.


The wings are cooked very well, and the chicken isn’t too dry. The barbecue sauce is the best here; the yellow sauce, which was kind of a creamy mustard sauce, threw us off a bit.


Overall, these are very good wings, and we wish you got more with the portion.

Cheese Fry Poutine – $19

demi-glace, cheese sauce, chive sour cream, pimento

Cheese Fry Poutine 1

This is a good poutine dish. The Demi-glace is delicious, and when combined with the cheese sauce and pimento cheese curds, the fries are a 10 out of 10.

Cheese Fry Poutine 2

However, we recommend eating these fries as soon as they come out. Don’t wait until this dish gets cold, because the cheese will harden and it doesn’t taste as great.

Cheese Fry Poutine 3

Despite this, it’s still an awesome sharable dish.

Jumbo Lump Crab Roll – $29

tarragon & lemon aïoli, fresh dill, brioche, served with French fries, house potato chips, or fresh fruit

Jumbo Lump Crab Roll2

This is a delightful and refreshing sandwich. More refreshing than a lobster roll, this has an insane amount of crab. The aïoli adds a great flavor with the lemon on top.

Jumbo Lump Crab Roll3

The brioche bun is a little crispy on the outside but soft on the side.

Jumbo Lump Crab Roll4

You can also choose your side to go with this, with the options being house-made chips, fries, or fruit.

Spicy Crisp Chicken Sandwich – $23

zesty slaw, spicy aïoli, bread & butter pickles, served with French fries, house potato chips, or fresh fruit

Spicy Crisp Chicken Sandwich 4

This sandwich is unreal! The crispiness of the chicken is so light, it’s honestly unlike any chicken sandwich we’ve tried recently.

Spicy Crisp Chicken Sandwich 2

It’s not too spicy at all. The aïoli adds a fantastic flavor with the cabbage slaw on top.

Spicy Crisp Chicken Sandwich 1

This is our favorite dish of all that we’ve tried at the Palm Breeze Bar, and we would absolutely order this again.

Palm Breeze Burger – $26

sun-dried tomato & basil pesto, burrata, arugula, served with French fries, house potato chips, or fresh fruit

Palm Breeze Burger 4

This is a very fancy burger. It comes with arugula, burrata, pesto, and sun-dried tomato, and all of those flavors combined work perfectly.

Palm Breeze Burger 2

The burger is cooked to perfection, and is super juicy and flavorful.

Four Cheese California Pizza – $21

mozzarella, cheddar, jack, chevre, marinated tomato, fresh basil

Four Cheese California Pizza 2

The Four Cheese California Pizza is pretty good, what we’d consider standard for Disney pizza.

Four Cheese California Pizza 1

The cheese was a little hard, but that might have been from us waiting to eat it. We enjoyed the tomato and basil on top to add a little extra flavor. The crust is crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside. Overall, not a bad option at all.

Charcuterie Pizza – $24

artisan cured prosciutto, pepperoni, sausage, sun-dried tomato

Charcuterie Pizza 2

We were a little disappointed with the Charcuterie Pizza, as other pizzas of this style that we’ve seen around the resort have so many more toppings. This one only came with prosciutto.

Charcuterie Pizza 1

It tastes good, but the sausage is missing some Italian seasoning or something, as it slightly tastes like breakfast sausage. The crust was still pretty good, though.

Garden Pizza – $24

cheese, romesco sauce, soy chorizo, cilantro-mint chimichurri, shaved asparagus, crimini mushroom, sun-dried tomato

Garden Pizza 2

The Garden Pizza is a great vegetarian option. There are lots of good toppings here, and the sauce on top is a nice touch that adds a little kick. The arugula was also great on this one.

Garden Pizza 1

We think we enjoyed this pizza the best out of the three options on the menu.

Beignets – $15

chocolate, passionfruit, mixed berry

Beignets Palm Breeze Bar 4

Let’s talk dessert! The beignets are each stuffed with some sort of jam that was super tasty, plus the dipping sauces were great to add some extra sweetness.

Beignets Palm Breeze Bar 3

The beignets are super fluffy and not too sweet, with just enough powdered sugar on the side.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich – $15

chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich4

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich is our favorite dessert on the menu. It’s a huge, delightful ice cream cookie sandwich dipped in chocolate, with macarons and truffles on the side. The ice cream is very high-quality, too.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich2

This is a perfect dessert to split with someone.

Molten Chocolate Cake – $15

hot fudge, whipped cream, slivered almonds

Molten Chocolate Cake 3

The Molten Chocolate Cake is every chocolate lover’s dream. It’s very rich chocolate swimming in even more chocolate, with some whipped cream on the side.

Molten Chocolate Cake 2

The only thing we’d change is that we wish it came with vanilla ice cream or something along those lines, as the cake is so rich it needs something else to balance it more.

Will you be checking out the Palm Breeze Bar to try any of these offerings? Which of these are you most excited to try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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