Sparkle and Shine in This NEW Disney100 Swarovski Crystal Ear Headband Available at Disneyland Resort

Dylan Kennedy Grey

Sparkle and Shine in This NEW Disney100 Swarovski Crystal Ear Headband Available at Disneyland Resort

If your tastes incline toward the finer things in life, this new Disney100 Swarovski Crystal Ear Headband may be just what you need to make a dazzling entrance to any party.

We saw these sparkling ears on display in Fortuosity Shop on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Park.

Disney100 Swarovski Crystal Ear Headband – $350

IMG 7245

Even in the lighting of the shop, the Swarovski crystal ear headband’s multifaceted gems shimmered.

IMG 7243

Our reporter couldn’t bear to leave these beauties there by themselves, so they bought the last pair on display at the time.

d100 swarovski crystal headband 2

The varied sizes of crystals are intricately placed on both the ears and the bow.

d100 swarovski crystal headband 3

The Minnie bow is pale pink in the center of these ears.

d100 swarovski crystal headband 4

Hundreds of crystals cover nearly every inch of the front of the ears and bow.

d100 swarovski crystal headband 6

The outside of the headband has a metal Disney100 plaque sewn on. You can see from this angle that the crystals cover the whole surface of the ears, save for the seam where they are sewn together.

d100 swarovski crystal headband 5

The back of the bow’s knot and both ears are also covered in Swarovski crystals.

d100 swarovski crystal headband

shopDisney previously teased the ears, but they are not yet available online for purchase.

What do you think of the new Disney100 Swarovski Crystal Ear Headband? Let us know in the comments if you’re planning to add these to your ear collection.

Disney100 Swarovski Advent Calendar – $1,300

IMG 7972

If you’re a fan of Swarovski crystal, this new advent calendar available at Walt Disney World may need to also make its way to your home for the holidays.

wdw disney100 swarovski advent calendar

The new Disney100 Advent Calendar was displayed behind glass doors with two green cases with the front depicting Mickey Mouse in his classic red shorts and yellow shoes outfit with gold Disney100 lettering at the top and Swarovski written in gold lettering at the bottom.

IMG 7973

The back of the box showcases 25 different holiday and Disney-inspired ornament and necklace designs that are held within.

IMG 7974

Clearer pictures of the front and back of the Advent Calendar are presented on the Swarovski website, including showcasing the 25 doors inside the box that contain the holiday-themed ornaments and more inside.

IMG 7975

Inside the advent calendar are pieces such as Mickey, Minnie, candy cane, and snowflake ornaments.

An official description of the Disney 100 Advent Calendar on the Swarovski website states:

To celebrate 100 years of Disney, Swarovski has created this extraordinary advent calendar to ignite a feeling of childlike wonder and commemorate this special occasion. Behind its 25 doors, you’ll discover an array of joyful surprises, including 22 colorful ornaments, two necklaces, and a playful set of stickers. These pieces are only available as part of this advent calendar, including designs inspired by your favorite Disney characters alongside holiday symbols to celebrate the season. For the Disney fans in your life, this wondrous calendar makes a perfect gift.

The advent calendar is currently priced at $1,300.

Swarovski, an Austrian company founded in 1895, is a luxury brand company that manufactures and markets high-quality crystals, genuine gemstones, and created stones, as well as finished products such as jewelry, accessories, and lighting.

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