VIDEO: Tom Interviews 7 Disney Lorcana Artists at Miami TCG Convention

Shannen Ace

VIDEO: Tom Interviews 7 Disney Lorcana Artists at Miami TCG Convention

During the Miami TCG Convention this October, WDWNT’s own Tom Corless interviewed seven Disney Lorcana artists about their path to working on the game, their Disney inspiration, and their process.

Disney Lorcana Artists at Miami TCG Convention

Here’s the list of the artists we met and the cards they designed:

  • Simangaliso Sibaya: Stitch – Rock Star, Smash, Ursula – Power Hungry
  • Giulia Riva: Rafiki – Mysterious Sage, Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade, Olaf – Friendly Snowman, Sudden Chill, The Wardrobe – Belle’s Confidant, Genie – On the Job, World’s Greatest Criminal Mind, Lumiere – Hotheaded Candelabra, Fidget
  • Marcel Berg: Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist, Stitch – Carefree Surfer, Jafar – Keeper of Secrets, Hercules – True Hero
  • Cam Kendell: Donald Duck – Strutting His Stuff, Captain Hook – Ruthless Pirate, Dr. Facilier – Remarkable Gentleman, Goons – Maleficent’s Underlings, Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer (Enchanted art), Jafar – Dreadnought
  • Cristian Romero: Triton – The Sea King, Freeze, Prince Eric – Dashing and Brave, Genie – On the Job (Enchanted art), Elsa – Gloves Off, Li Shang – Archery Instructor
  • Andrew Trabbold: Magic Mirror, Poisoned Apple, Te Kā – Heartless, Sword of Truth, Dragon Gem, Perplexing Signposts
  • Juan Diego Leon: Timon – Grub Hustler, Hakuna Matata, Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot, Hades – King of Olympus (Enchanted art), Pinocchio – Talkative Puppet, Grand Pabbie – Oldest and Wisest

Watch the interview video below to learn about each artist’s process, Disney favorites, and more.

Also, check out our interview with Lorcana artist Matthew Robert Davies.

Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn hits shelves at specialty stores on November 17 and will have a wider release on December 1. Read more about chapter two of the game:

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