UPDATE: Disney Lorcana Announces Willpower League Format Details

Shannen Ace

UPDATE: Disney Lorcana Announces Willpower League Format Details

Disney Lorcana has announced the details of their new format, Willpower League, which will debut at PAX Unplugged this Saturday, December 2, 2023.

Willpower League

Disney Lorcana Willpower League

Willpower League will open at PAX Unplugged at 2:30 p.m. ET on Saturday for first-come, first-serve seating. During this format, players will need to keep playing and winning games to hold onto their seats in the league. If they are banished, the next person waiting takes their place. There will be various achievement goals throughout the league, too. When the Willpower League ends, everyone currently holding a seat and achievement holders get prizes.

Read the message with more details from the Disney Lorcana Discord Community below:

Hey Illumineers, it’s time to put your Disney Lorcana TCG strength to the test! At PAX Unplugged we’ll be kicking off a new form of league play found only at events, Willpower League! Starting on Saturday 12/2 at 2:30 PM ET at PAX Unplugged, we will open a first-come, first-serve seating area. Games played at the designated Willpower League tables will be able to earn achievements. The catch? You can only keep playing games there if you ward off opponents by collecting lore and winning games. If you lose a game, you’ll be banished from your seat and the next person in the waiting area gets to jump in!

Check the Willpower League channel on the Disney Lorcana TCG Official Discord Community (discord.gg/DisneyLorcana) for a list of achievements that will be updated every time someone achieves it and sets a new achievement goal. For example, an achievement might say “Most Characters in Play.” During a game at one of the designated tables, if you’ve met the current goal, call over a staff member to update the achievement with a picture of your game state. You’ve now set a new goal that others have to try to meet!

When the Willpower League ends, everyone who is currently holding onto one of the designated seats gets a prize! Additionally, each of the current achievement holders will get a prize as well! Please be sure that you’re in our event area when prizing is given out if you’re one of the final achievement winners. We’ll share the list of achievements in a Willpower League channel on Saturday morning. We hope you won’t be able to resist joining!

Are you excited about this new format for Disney Lorcana? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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