Pixar’s ‘Win or Lose’ Disney+ Series Quietly Delayed Until 2024

Kyle Silagyi

Pixar’s ‘Win or Lose’ Disney+ Series Quietly Delayed Until 2024

Kyle Silagyi

Pixar’s ‘Win or Lose’ Disney+ Series Quietly Delayed Until 2024

Disney has quietly delayed the release of “Win or Lose,” a long-form animated series from Pixar that will serve as the studio’s first foray into that particular medium. TheWrap first reported word of its delay on November 15.

‘Win or Lose’ Quietly Delayed to 2024

Win or lose Pixar

“Win or Lose” was given a Fall 2023 release date when it was announced in late 2020, with Pixar confirming this release window when providing a first look at the Disney+ series in September of 2022.

A concrete release date was never provided, with a December 2023 release being the show’s last opportunity to hit its previously announced window. The show was not included in Disney’s recently released list of programs and movies debuting on Disney+ this December, indicating that the show has been quietly pushed back to 2024. TheWrap reports that they had heard word of the series’ delay some time ago, with its omission from Disney’s listing all but confirming its push.

Disney nor Pixar have explicitly confirmed a delay, and it’s entirely possible that a December release date for the series will soon be announced. However, the program being left off Disney’s list of December Disney+ additions is not a promising sign.


The show is still listed under the “Coming Soon” tab on the “On Disney+” subsection of the official Disney website. While this may or may not be indicative of its ultimate release date, “Win or Lose” is listed in the section directly behind “Echo” and “A Real Bug’s Life,” which have been given January 10 and January 24 release dates, respectively.

“Win or Lose” is written and directed by Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, who both have credits as artists on “Toy Story 4.” The show, per Deadline, “follows a coed middle school softball team in the week leading up to their championship game.” Will Forte will voice the main character. Its debut season will contain eight episodes.

The show will be Pixar’s first long-form animated series, meaning that it follows a central narrative and story throughout its eight-episode span. Yates spoke about the benefits of using the particular storytelling medium in a 2023 interview with Cartoon Brew:

We really wanted to get into telling a longer-form story [with] an emsemble cast. Playing with that format of, each episode is kind of intertwined, so the writing of it was more, I guess complicated, and just more interesting. There’s a lot of back and forth, like this episode, you’ll see this character’s perspective, the next one, you’ll see the next, and that gives you more information about this character that you watched. That whole idea was really exciting for us.

Michael Yates, via Cartoon Brew

Though “Win or Lose” will be Pixar’s first long-form animated series, it will not be the first animated series produced by the animation house for Disney+. “Dug Days,” a follow-up to the 2009 film “Up,” and “Cars on the Run,” based on the “Cars” franchise, debuted in 2021 and 2022, respectively; both programs are a series of shorts as opposed to a long-form program.

Elemental Disney

Despite the quiet delay of “Win or Lose,” Pixar has constructed a solid 2023 in the face of initial adversity. “Elemental,” the studio’s most recent film, earned just under $30 million in its mid-June opening weekend, becoming Pixar’s second-worst opening of all time. The slow start prompted an unforeseen and unprecedented Cinderella run for “Elemental” that ultimately saw the film turn a profit before becoming Disney+’s most-watched movie premiere of the year after its September addition to the platform.

Pixar released a new trailer and poster for “Inside Out 2,” the sequel to 2015’s “Inside Out” that will release theatrically next year, on November 9. The trailer garnered 157 million views in 24 hours, becoming the biggest animated trailer launch in Disney history.

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