RUMOR: ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ To Feature In-Game Disney Parks Parody

Kyle Silagyi

RUMOR: ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ To Feature In-Game Disney Parks Parody

Purported leaks and rampant fan speculation have encircled the heavily-anticipated “Grand Theft Auto VI” video game for years before its existence and upcoming release were ultimately confirmed by Rockstar Games on November 8, 2023. Additional rumors have surfaced in the days leading up to the game’s December 5 trailer launch, with the latest suggesting that “Grand Theft Auto VI” will feature an in-game Disney Parks parody known as “Fairyland.”

Grand Theft Auto VI Rumored to Feature In-Game Disney Parks Parody

GTA VI leaked map
Source: GTAVInewz on X recently shared a map posted by @GTAVInewz on X. The map is not a purported in-game screenshot but is instead a fan-created amalgamation and visualization of leaks from several sources; while specific details may not precisely line up, the “Grand Theft Auto VI” map is ultimately expected to include most of, if not all, the locations seen on this map.

The massive map is centered around Vice City, the long-rumored setting of “Grand Theft Auto VI” that serves as the franchise’s in-universe equivalent of Miami, FL. The rest of the fan-made map showcases the areas surrounding Vice City, believed to be inspired by the rest of the state of Florida and other bordering areas. Just to the north of Vice City is “Fairyland,” which is rumored to be an in-world parody of a Disney Park.

Though seemingly inspired by Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World, in general, writes that Fairyland is “based on Disneyland” and “hosts the incredibly unappealing ‘Rollercoaster Vomit’ event.” Fairyland is pictured on the map as a series of roads or pathways surrounding a lake. It’s situated next to an area called “Fairyland Forest;” both locations are positioned near what appears to be an airport.

The back of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom with sunlight across it

Other Florida hallmarks rumored to have in-game replications include The Keys, the Everglades, and the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

While the leaks aren’t confirmed as of the time of publication, they’re all feasible. “Grand Theft Auto VI” having a colossal map inspired by the culture and geographic terrain of a state is not inconceivable given that “Grand Theft Auto V,” the last game in the franchise, featured an incredibly vast map inspired by Los Angeles and the rest of California’s geography.

Rockstar Games also has a history of satirizing companies in its releases. “Grand Theft Auto” games historically feature, sometimes crude, in-world answers to real-world brands; in GTA V, for example, an In-and-Out Burger-type restaurant appears as “Up-n-Atom Burger,” while a Facebook-like company is known as “Lifeinvader.”

“Fairyland” fits in line with these naming conventions given Disney’s historical association with fantasy and princesses. Given the rumored setting of “Grand Theft Auto VI” and the Rockstar’s past treatment of significant companies, Disney seems like a realistic target.

Grand Theft Auto V
Source: Rockstar Games via BBC

These rumors are, again, unconfirmed at this time, and the map, though sourced, is fan-made. Fans will get their first official look at “Grand Theft Auto VI” when Rockstar Games releases the first trailer on December 5.

What do you think of a Disney Parks parody potentially appearing in “Grand Theft Auto VI?” Do you plan on playing the game when it ultimately comes out? Let us know in the comments.

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