New Tower of Terror Hotel Hightower Merchandise Coming to Tokyo DisneySea Later This Month

Shannen Ace

New Tower of Terror Hotel Hightower Merchandise Coming to Tokyo DisneySea Later This Month

Tokyo DisneySea is launching a new collection of Hotel Hightower merchandise this winter. Hotel Hightower is the setting of Tokyo Disney Resort’s Tower of Terror, which is similar to other versions of the ride but has an original story.

The new Hotel Hightower merchandise will be available from Tower of Terror Memorabilia at the American Waterfront in Tokyo DisneySea beginning on December 26, 2023.

Hotel Hightower Sign Plate – ¥2,300

hotel hightower merch 1

This Hotel Hightower sign hangs from a chain and features a glow-in-the-dark design that changes the name to “Tower of Terror.”

hotel hightower merch 2

It’s approximately 9 centimeters tall and 28 centimeters wide.

Toothbrush Set – ¥1,800

hotel hightower merch 3

This set includes a toothbrush, pouch, and collapsible cup — perfect for a stay at the creepy hotel. (Note: Hotel Hightower is not a real hotel.)

hotel hightower merch 4

The toothbrush is red with “Hotel Hightower” on the handle. It includes a cover for the bristles and appears to twist into a smaller shape. The cup is blue and features the hotel’s small “HH” logo on the bottom.

hotel hightower merch 5

The pouch has a transparent front with a large Hotel Hightower logo printed in blue and gold. The back is blue with an all-over pattern of the “HH” logo.

The case is 12 centimeters tall and 20 centimeters wide. The toothbrush is 17 centimeters long and the cup has a 7-centimeter diameter.

Pass Case – ¥2,800

hotel hightower merch 6

The pleather pass case is blue with “Hotel Hightower” and the “HH” logo in gold on the front. “New York City Preservation Society” is on a red stripe. It includes a wrist strap.

hotel hightower merch 7

Inside is the logo of the New York Preservation Society in gold against a black lining. There is a single card slot under the flap, and then a bigger pocket that can hold multiple cards.

hotel hightower merch 8

It’s 8 centimeters tall and 11 centimeters wide. The strap is 20 centimeters.

Mug – ¥1,600

hotel hightower merch 9

The mug is white with a blue stripe around the top and the hotel logo in black and white on one side.

hotel hightower merch 10

It’s 8 centimeters in diameter and 12 centimeters tall.

Bowl – ¥1,800

hotel hightower merch 20

The bowl has a matching design with the logo and blue stripe.

hotel hightower merch 21
hotel hightower merch 22

It’s 13 centimeters in diameter and 6 centimeters tall.

Plate – ¥1,800

hotel hightower merch 23

The plate has blue around the edge and the logo in the center.

hotel hightower merch 24
hotel hightower merch 25

It has a 19-centimeter diameter.

Mini Towel – ¥780

hotel hightower merch 11

The mini towel is light blue, patterned with the logo in dark blue.

hotel hightower merch 12

There is also a red and gold patch of the logo above a red stripe reading “Hotel Hightower.”

This towel is a 25-centimeter by 25-centimeter square. This towel and the one below also apparently glow in the dark.

Face Towel – ¥1,600

hotel hightower merch 13

The face towel has the same design as the small towel, just elongated.

hotel hightower merch 14

It’s 80 centimeters by 34 centimeters.

Slippers – ¥2,600

hotel hightower merch 15

Keep cozy during your hotel stay with these Hotel Hightower slippers. The top of the slippers are light brown with the Hotel Hightower logo embroidered in gold.

hotel hightower merch 16

The inside of the slipper is red with an all-over pattern of the logo. The shoes are 22.5 to 24.5 centimeters long.

Tote Bag – ¥3,600

hotel hightower merch 17

Lastly is a reversible tote bag. It’s black on one side and blue on the other side.

hotel hightower merch 18

The blue side is patterned all-over with the hotel logo. On one side, “Hotel Hightower” is in gold with a red stripe. The other side features the golden New York City Preservation Society logo.

hotel hightower merch 19

It’s 34 centimeters by 32 centimeters and 5 centimeters deep.

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