REVIEW: Disney Wonder’s Tiana’s Place is One of the Best Disney Restaurants on Earth

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REVIEW: Disney Wonder’s Tiana’s Place is One of the Best Disney Restaurants on Earth

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On the Disney Wonder, Tiana’s Place is one of the three table-service restaurants guests rotate through each night. Travelers are assigned a different restaurant each evening, so you are guaranteed a visit to each of the main three. On longer sailings, you may visit a restaurant twice, in which case they will have a second, different menu.

Tiana’s Place

Tiana's Place

Tiana’s Place is based on “The Princess and the Frog” and is named after Tiana’s original restaurant concept (her completed restaurant in the film is Tiana’s Palace). The interior is inspired by New Orleans.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9625

It has Mardi Gras theming, including bead necklaces on every table for guests to wear. Tiana, Louis, and jazz musicians come out and perform during the dinner. Cast Members wear Tiana’s yellow outfit from the film.

Tiana’s Place Menu

tiana's place menu

The menu is a work of art directly from the film, in the style of Tiana’s “Almost There” sequence, with “Tiana’s Place” written across the top.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9631

Tiana’s Place serves Louisiana-inspired Cajun and Creole cuisine.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9632

Mardi Gras confetti, streamers, and beads decorate the inside of the menu.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9635

The drinks menu features artwork of people making a toast.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9636

The orange color scheme from the “Almost There” sequence continues inside the drinks menu, with crowns, fleurs-de-lys, and stars.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9637

Though most food and beverages are included with the price of your sailing, specialty drinks like alcohol and mocktails do cost extra.

Tiana’s Place Drinks

Charlotte’s Peanut Butter Dream – $5.75 (non-alcoholic)

Ice cream smoothie, nonfat vanilla yogurt

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9662

This is a dream. We weren’t surprised — it’s peanut butter ice cream, after all. It’s smooth with a rich peanut butter flavor.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9677

For $7.50, you can add a Raymond the Firefly glow clip to either of the non-alcoholic drinks. Raymond changes colors thanks to a button on the clip.

Bayou Moon – $13

Bayou spiced, ruby Port, VeeV açai, fresh lemon juice, fresh blackberries

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9657

This one is interesting but not bad. It’s not overly tart or overly sweet, juicy and heavy on the Port. It’s different from most theme park cocktails.

This drink also came with an unexpected souvenir of a beaded bracelet around the glass.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9678

Though the menu only says you can add Ray to non-alcoholic drinks, we were allowed to add him to this alcoholic drink.

Mardi Gras – $10.50

Powerade Grape, Mello Yello, bayou rum

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9653

Presentation-wise, this comes out looking like a green mint julep, complete with a mint sprig on top. As the ingredients suggest, this is a weird-tasting drink. We could taste the rum but are mostly getting the sugary Powerade Grape flavor — like a rum-spiked ’80s kids’ drink. We’re not mad about it, though.

Bread Service

Herbed brioche with roasted onion dip

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9640

This may be the best bread service at a Disney Cruise Line table-service restaurant. It’s a soft, fluffy, perfectly-cooked brioche.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9645

The roasted onion dip is a great accompaniment. Butter is also available.

Tiana’s Place Appetizers

Boudin Sausage Fritters

Minced pork and boudin sausage, breaded and fried, served with a bourbon aioli

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9710

This had potential that was ultimately wasted. It has a nice kick on the back end, but it’s otherwise just grainy and dry. The pork and sausage don’t come across in consistency or flavor.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9712

It is well-seasoned, with a spice you would expect from a New Orleans-style dish — but it’s still a pass for us.

Ahi Tuna Tartare

with mango, pine nuts, radish, and wasabi

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9700

The head server recommended the ahi tuna tartare and it is a solid appetizer. The quality of the tuna isn’t amazing; it’s a little fishy. The mango is strong but saves the dish. There is only a dot of wasabi, which is basically just holding the garnish together.

Sautéed Shrimp and Grits

with andouille sausage, grilled green onions, and a smoked barbecue sauce

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9692

Our server recommended this one. When you think of Louisiana food, you probably think of shrimp and grits, and thankfully this appetizer was a winner. The smoked barbecue sauce is fantastic and brings a lot to the table, giving the whole dish a smoky flavor. The shrimp are cooked well and not fishy at all. The grits are unexpectedly creamy. It’s a fantastic dish.

New Orleans Seafood Pepper Pot

A Creole bouillabaisse with calamari, shrimp, scallops, and flat leaf parsley

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9707

You’ll find whole shrimps and scallops in this little soup. Everything is cooked well. We were stunned it was not spicy at all, but it’s a good broth. That said, it is a heavy soup to start your meal with.

If you only choose one appetizer, soup, or salad, we say go for the shrimp and grits.

Tiana’s Place Entrées

Eudora’s Artichoke Ravioli (vegetarian)

with satuéed spinach, lemon butter, sage, and pecorino cheese

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9736

We like this a lot. For a vegetarian dish, it’s solid. It’s creamy and cheesy. The artichoke is perfect and the pasta is cooked well enough. There are a few big chunks of artichoke, which are great. The spinach is oily and a great addition to the dish. We highly recommend this. Don’t overlook it if you’re not vegetarian.

Charlotte La Bouff’s Bucatini Pasta

with pancetta, oyster mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, peas, basil, and shaved parmigiano-reggiano cheese

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9733

Before even taking a bite, we knew this dish wasn’t going to be a home run. We recognized the noodles from our room service chicken noodle soup and they didn’t have a good consistency. They were rubbery and tasted terrible. This is the worst-cooked pasta we’ve ever had from Disney. There’s no sauce but the dish desperately needs one. This was inedible.

Cajun Spiced Sea Bass

On shrimp jambalaya with crisp fennel salad and rémoulade

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9726

Despite the name, this didn’t have any spice. It’s a little overcooked.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9728

More shrimp! It’s cooked well, just like all the shrimp at Tiana’s Place. The jambalaya is nice and spicy. We would eat a plate of just that. The rémoulade is a mayo-mustard sauce that helps the fish, but this dish still missed the mark.

Tiana’s Place Desserts

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9762

The dessert menu features art of Tiana and Naveen in their frog forms, dancing on lily pads under the starry night sky.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9759

Southern Style Pecan Nut Tart

with bourbon caramel sauce

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9776

This is the signature dessert and for good reason. The tart crust is phenomenal. It’s buttery and rich, really enhancing the tart. The filling is sweet, the pecans are perfect, and there’s a strong cinnamon flavor. We loved it.

Tiana’s Buttermilk Beignets

Dusted with powdered sugar and served with chocolate espresso dipping sauce

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9768

It wouldn’t be Tiana’s Place without beignets. Unfortunately, this is fine fried dough but doesn’t have the consistency of what we would call a beignet. It’s more like a donut with how thick and heavy it is. It’s not a bad donut and the chocolate sauce is sweet enough, it’s just not what we want out of a beignet dessert.

Chocolate Doberge Gâteau

Six-layer sponge cake filled with chocolate chantilly crème

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9773

This is light for a layer cake. It’s chocolatey and basic. There’s nothing special about it but it hits the spot for a safe dessert.

Tiana’s Place Characters & Performance

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9647

Tiana welcomes guests and the jazz musicians at the start of the meal before she starts making the rounds to visit guest tables.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9698

She’s dressed in a white gown, boa, and headband, just like in her “Almost There” dream sequence. She’ll talk and pose for photos.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9719

Tiana also invites Louis out with his trumpet. Like Tiana, he’ll visit every table to take photos.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9682

There are a few scripted segments with Tiana and Louis, but the band continues to play music throughout.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9742

Of course, they play music from “The Princess and the Frog,” but they also perform other Disney and jazz songs — we even heard “Hello, Dolly!” with the lyrics changed to “Hello, Tiana!”

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9746
DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9748

The whole experience culminates in Tiana’s Bayou Bash Parade. Tiana, Louis, and the wait staff dance around the room, singing “Gonna Take You There.” Some of the Cast Members have parasols, staffs, and Mardi Gras sashes.

DCL Wonder Tianas Place 9749

Guests can also join in on the Mardi Gras celebration and it ends with everyone singing “Dig A Little Deeper.”

Tiana’s Place Video

Watch our video review below.


dcl disney wonder tianas place

Tiana’s Place is everything a Disney dining experience should be. The food quality was hit and miss but the atmosphere and storytelling are stellar. It has everything you want: characters, live entertainment, audience participation, and a beautiful interior. The design feels intentional, right down to the table settings.

The musicians were great and the Tiana performer was amazing. The show writing and song choices were phenomenal and fit the story of “The Princess and the Frog.” It helps that the film is the perfect IP for a restaurant and has excellent music to begin with. Nothing felt forced. It’s not IP for the sake of IP — it’s IP exactly how it should be used.

We could tell our fellow guests and the Cast Members were having fun. There was an awesome energy throughout the whole meal. Tiana’s Place is now easily one of our top ten favorite Disney restaurants in the world and a reason alone to choose the Disney Wonder.

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