Select Super Nintendo World Merchandise Available to Purchase on Universal Orlando Resort Website

Shannen Ace

Select Super Nintendo World Merchandise Available to Purchase on Universal Orlando Resort Website

For the first time, some Super Nintendo World merchandise from Universal Studios Hollywood is now available to purchase online through the official Universal Orlando Resort shop, suggesting Super Nintendo World merchandise may soon be available in person at Universal Orlando Resort.

Super Nintendo World will be part of Epic Universe, the upcoming third theme park at Universal Orlando Resort.

Luigi Youth T-Shirt – $25

Super Nintendo World merchandise

This youth ringer T-shirt features a graphic of Luigi smiling on the front. The ringers on the neckline and sleeves are black.

Yoshi Youth T-Shirt – $25

snw merch online 2

Another ringer tee for kids’, this orange shirt features art of Yoshi.

Mario Adult T-Shirt – $30

snw merch online 3

Of course, you can’t have a Nintendo-themed collection without Mario. This red youth ringer T-shirt features the smiling plumber on the front.

Neon Backpack – $50

snw merch online 4

This black backpack features neon art of various baddies from the Mario universe, including Bowser, Bowser Jr., Chain Chomp, Boo, and more. A Super Nintendo World tag is attached toward the top.

Neon Boo Cap – $27

snw merch online 5

This Boo trucker-style cap features neon art of the ghost character on the front, a purple mesh at the back, and the character’s name in Japanese on the bill. A Super Nintendo World tag is sewn to the outside of the mesh.

Neon Tumbler – $25

snw merch online 6

This black tumbler continues the neon art theme featuring various Mario antagonists.

Neon Boo Adult T-Shirt – $35

snw merch online 7

This black adult T-shirt features purple neon art of Boo, as well as the character’s name in Japanese.

Neon Bowser Adult T-Shirt – $35

snw merch online 8

This shirt continues the neon theme, with pink neon art of Bowser and his name in Japanese below.

Neon Chain Chomp Adult T-Shirt – $35

snw merch online 9

The Chain Chomp shirt features the enemy in blue.

Princess Peach Headband – $20

snw merch online 10

Nintendo fans can embody their inner Princess Peach with this headband. A yellow multi-tiered veil emulates her hair, attached to a pink headband with blue dangling attachments for her earrings. A golden crown with blue and pink jewels sits at the top to complete the look.

Boo Headband – $20

snw merch online 11

This headband features two plush attachments of Boo — one where they’re shying away, and another with the character making a scary face. The headband itself is black.

Yoshi Headband – $20

snw merch online 12

Carry your friend Yoshi around with you with this plush headband, featuring the character holding on to the top.

Super Mushroom and 1-UP Mushroom Headband – $20

snw merch online 13

Like the Boo headband, this headband includes two plushes — one Super Mushroom and one 1-UP Mushroom.

Mario Headband – $20

snw merch online 14

Mario can tag along on your park days with this plush headband. The character is attached to the top by his hands.

Luigi Pin – $11

snw merch online 15

This Luigi pin features the character on a square, green background with polka dots.

Yoshi Pin – $11

snw merch online 16

The Yoshi pin has the character smiling against a yellow polka dot background.

Bowser Pin – $11

snw merch online 17

Bowser is ready for action with this pin, which has the villain set against an orange polka dot background.

Bowser Badge Holder & Reel – $14

snw merch online 18

This badge holder and reel features Bowser with his arms crossed, looking tough. You can keep your park tickets or other important cards inside.

Princess Peach Lanyard Pouch – $8

snw merch online 19

If a badge reel is not your style, you could try this Princess Peach lanyard pouch instead.

Mario & Luigi Lanyard – $14

snw merch online 20

This reversible lanyard features Mario on one side, and Luigi on the other. “Universal Studios Hollywood” is also included on the lanyard.

Princess Peach & Princess Daisy Lanyard – $14

snw merch online 25

Another reversible lanyard features Princess Peach on one side, and Princess Daisy on the other.

Yoshi Keychain – $14

snw merch online 21

Keep your keys close with this Yoshi keychain, which features the same design as the Yoshi pin, as well as a Yoshi egg charm.

Mario Keychain – $14

snw merch online 22

This Mario keychain features the character set against a red background, with a ? Block charm above.

Peach Keychain – $14

snw merch online 23

The Princess Peach keychain includes a Fire Flower charm.

Bowser Keychain – $14

snw merch online 24

Lastly, the Bowser charm includes a green koopa shell overhead.

Wooden Sign – $25

snw merch online 26

You can decorate your space with this wooden Super Nintendo World sign.

Mario Mug – $15

snw merch online 27

This mug is white and features the same art as the youth Mario T-shirt. Inside, the mug is red and includes the character’s name printed in white.

Medium Luigi Plush – $30

snw merch online 28

This medium-sized Luigi plush features the character in his signature blue overalls, green shirt, and green “L” hat.

Medium Yoshi Plush – $30

snw merch online 29

If Yoshi is your favorite Nintendo character, you won’t want to miss out on this medium-sized plush.

Check out more of the Super Nintendo World merchandise available in-person at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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