NEW Disney Eats Merchandise Collection for January Debuts Early at Walt Disney World

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NEW Disney Eats Merchandise Collection for January Debuts Early at Walt Disney World

Earlier today, Disney teased their new Disney Eats collection, with the first items coming in mid-January to shopDisney. The themes for the monthly releases have also been revealed, with each month focusing on a specific Disney treat. January’s theme is more general, with lots of different treats. You can find some of the collection at Walt Disney World already. We spotted several of the January release of Disney Eats items today in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Disney Eats Sweatpants – $49.99

Disney Eats Sweatpants WoD 1

These black sweatpants feature large icons of iconic Disney treats on both legs and pockets on both sides. They have a hidden drawstring and no-fly design.

Disney Eats Sweatpants WoD 4

The right leg of the jogger-style sweatpants has a box of popcorn, a Mickey waffle dripping with butter…

Disney Eats Sweatpants WoD 3

…a doughnut dripping with blue icing and sprinkles, and a melting Dole Whip swirl.

Disney Eats Sweatpants WoD 2

The left leg is printed with the collection’s logo, a Mickey-shaped cheeseburger with lots of fixings, a cup of water, a turkey leg, and a swirly lollipop.

Disney Eats Sweatpants WoD 5

The back of the sweatpants is blank but has a pocket on the right.

Disney Eats Hoodie – $59.99

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 11

The hoodie matches the jogger-style sweatpants above, with more park snacks printed in large icons all over. The hoodie has a relaxed dropped shoulder style and a matching blue drawstring for the hood.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 10

The front breast is printed with a large dripping chocolate and caramel apple, with the Walt Disney World logo embroidered underneath it.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 9

A set of filled churros in their wrapper is printed to look like they are tucked into the hoodie pocket.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 4

Each sleeve is printed with another snack. This one has a pretzel drizzled with mustard or cheese.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 7

This sleeve has a doughnut with icing and sprinkles.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 6

The Disney Eats collection logo is stitched onto the sleeve.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 3

The back of the hoodie has a couple more snacks printed on it.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 1

There’s a melty Mickey ice cream sandwich near the top.

Disney Eats Sweatshirt WoD 2

The bottom has a hot dog that has been sliced in half, revealing a magical cross-section in the shape of Mickey Mouse despite otherwise being a traditionally-shaped hot dog. There’s also a little extra mustard squeezed off the edge of the hot dog, also in the shape of a Mickey head.

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey 1

The Disney Eats Spirit Jersey is cream-colored, with the lower half featuring an all-over sprinkle-printed fabric.

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey 2

On the left breast, the jersey is printed with a Mickey-shaped cheeseburger, a drink cup with hands, and a melting Mickey premium ice cream bar.

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey 4

The sleeve is printed with imagery we’ve seen on other pieces in the collection, including a caramel apple, Dole whip swirl, churros, and Mickey ice cream sandwich.

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey 5

The other sleeve has more snacks, including a lollipop, hot dog, iced doughnut, and turkey leg.

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey 3

The signature puffy letters on the back of the Spirit Jersey are designed to look like a variety of snacks.

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey 7
Disney Eats Spirit Jersey 6

Included are doughnuts, Dole Whip, churros, pretzels, popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, turkey legs, waffles, and more.

Disney Eats Spirit Jersey Reversible Bucket Hat – $44.99

Disney Eats Reversible Bucket Hat 1

The Disney Eats Spirit Jersey reversible bucket hat has an all-over sprinkles print on both sides of the hat.

Disney Eats Reversible Bucket Hat 2

On one side, the hat has a single printing of filled churros, a Mickey ice cream sandwich, a Dole whip, an iced Mickey doughnut, and a turkey leg on the front of the hat.

Disney Eats Reversible Bucket Hat 3

When you turn the hat inside out, you get the same all-over sprinkle pattern. The design also includes icons of many different snacks, including pizza, crisped rice treats, and other Disney foods.

Disney Eats Reversible Bucket Hat 4

There is a Disney logo and a Spirit Jersey tag on both sides of the hat at the back seam.

Disney Eats Youth Half Zip Hoodie – $59.99

Disney Eats Youth Hoodie 1

This Disney Eats youth hoodie is pink, with the same allover sprinkles and snacks print from the rest of the collection.

Disney Eats Youth Hoodie 3

The shirt has a drop shoulder design, and the zipper partially zips up the hood to create a false collar. The hood cinches with pink toggles and elastic cord.

Disney Eats Youth Hoodie 4

The sweatshirt zips down to a horizontal seam.

Disney Eats Youth Hoodie 2

The back of the sweatshirt has the same all-over print.

Disney Eats Youth Hoodie 5

The pockets are slip style, and the cuffs and hems are all plain elastic pink to match the jacket. The bottom of the sweatshirt has the Disney Eats logo stitched onto it with a blue background.

Disney Eats Mug – $19.99

WDW MK Big Top Souvenirs Disney Eats Mug 1

We spotted this snack-themed mug in Big Top Souvenirs in Magic Kingdom.

The mug is white with a light blue handle, and includes typography for many classic Disney Parks snacks, including churros, popcorn, Le Fou’s Brew, The Grey Stuff, and more.

WDW MK Big Top Souvenirs Disney Eats Mug 5

The illustration is present on both sides of the mug, which is also dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Disney Eats Dog Shirt – $24.99

IMG 7178

Also at Big Top Souvenirs, we spotted a Disney Eats dog T-shirt, perfect for matching with your best friend.

IMG 7176

The shirt includes the same all-over print as the human-sized apparel above, but on a white background. Multiple sizes are available depending on your dog’s needs.

Dog Toy Set – $34.99

IMG 2435

The last Disney Eats item we found at Big Top Souvenirs is this dog toy set themed to various snacks.

IMG 2431

The set includes a hot dog rope toy, a turkey leg, a burger, and a Mickey shake.

Belt Bag – $39.99

IMG 1105

At Creations Shop in EPCOT, we found this Disney Eats belt bag, featuring a Mickey-shaped lollipop, a Mickey burger, and churros. The main zippered pocket can be found on the front, thanks to its accented blue color.

IMG 1108

A second zippered pocket is also present on the back of the bag. The adjustable waist strap is black with art of multicolored sprinkles.

IMG 1109

The inside of the bag is blue, but has the same sprinkle pattern as the strap, There is one more zippered pocket inside, also.

Will you be adding some of this new Disney Eats collection to your Disney wardrobe? Let us know in the comments what you’ll be sporting as you snack your way through the parks.

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