PHOTOS, VIDEO: Universal’s Aventura Hotel Annual Team Member Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Universal’s Aventura Hotel Annual Team Member Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Team Members from departments across Universal’s Aventura Hotel went head-to-head in this year’s Gingerbread House Decorating contest. We stopped by to look at all of the entries.

Team Member Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Universal's Aventura Hotel Team Member Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

All of the houses were put on display for guests to not only view, but also vote on. A ballot box on the table encouraged guest to submit their vote on their favorite gingerbread house display. The one rule? All decorations must be edible.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9527

Stewarding kept things simple and sweet with a classic gingerbread house design, trimmed with candies.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9528

The HR/Storeroom went for a galactic theme. “AVH Universe” is written along the galaxy base. It’s certainly the most unique creation of the bunch.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9526

We’d happily live in the house made by the Culinary team. The front yard is beautiful, with detailed trees and grass. The home itself is two floors, with stained glass windows. Through the windows, you can see Christmas gifts, a holiday feast, and more.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9533

Housekeeping gave more than just a house — they created a whole gingerbread village! With varying style homes, gingerbread friends in front of massive Christmas trees, a firepit, and a fence made of chocolate-covered pretzels, this one is truly impressive.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9536

The Front Office made their very own Barbie Dreamhouse. Like Barbie herself, the accessories are just as important as the home

aventura gingerbread IMG 9537

Parked out front is a pink and white camper van for any of Barbie’s weekend getaways.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9539

The Barbie head lake may be the best part of the whole display.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9575

Engineering went for a true snow-free Florida Christmas! The candy cane palm tree and the tiny candy car in the front yard really make it for us.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9574

The gingerbread house by Events/Finance is another classic design. The bubblegum balls and crushed candy canes offer a nice pop of color.

aventura gingerbread IMG 9573

Outlets used a unique mixture of candies and treats to make their house. We like that the black roof stands out among all of the other creations.

Check out our video of all the displays:

Which gingerbread house would get your vote? Let us know in the comments below.

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