Unwrap These Haunted Mansion Books During the 2023 Holidays

Shannen Ace

Unwrap These Haunted Mansion Books During the 2023 Holidays

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Read behind-the-scenes stories and expanded backstory of The Haunted Mansion in these books available on Amazon. These Haunted Mansion books make the perfect gift for any Disney fan — including yourself — this gift-giving season.

‘The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic’

haunted mansion imagineering book

“The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic” explores how the attraction’s “999 happy haunts” were brought to life. Rare early concept sketches, detailed architectural drawings, and stunning still photography illustrate the Mansion’s evolution as it was designed and built at each Magic Kingdom park around the world — including Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland.

haunted mansion imagineering book 2

Our tour begins here with a twistedly thorough third edition. Based on the retired title “The Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies,” this newly updated volume confirms or debunks longstanding urban legends, shares fascinating behind-the-screams stories, and reveals how concepts move from inspiration to reality. Readers will discover the latest show enhancements to this classic attraction and find even more artwork depicting the happy haunting grounds in California and Florida as well as Tokyo, Paris, and now Hong Kong.

This is one book you’ll be dying to have on your shelf!

Disney Parks Presents The Haunted Mansion

disney parks presents the haunted mansion 1

The song “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” composed in the late 1960s, continues to reside in the dark corridors and spooky cemetery of the Haunted Mansion. Millions of guests leave the mansion with not only a hitchhiking ghost but also this jaunty tune catching a ride all the way home.

disney parks presents the haunted mansion 2

In this hardcover jacketed picture book, James Gilleard’s shadowy, textured illustrations accompany the lyrics of the classic song, and together they take readers on a guided tour deeper and deeper into the mansion, from the portrait gallery and seance room to the grand hall, the creepy attic, and more.

Tales from the Haunted Mansion Series Volume 1 – 3 Books Collection Set

tales from the haunted mansion

This set includes three “Tales From the Haunted Mansion” volumes: “The Fearsome Foursome,” “Midnight at Madame Leota’s,” and “Grim Grinning Ghosts.” Each book contains a selection of scary stories about the Haunted Mansion. They are also available to purchase individually.

Tales From the Haunted Mansion: The Fearsome Foursome

tales from the haunted mansion fearsome foursome 1

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the lonesome library of the Haunted Mansion. In this bone-chilling book, you will read the terrifying tales of the Fearsome Foursome – four kids who try to out-scare each other with frightening fictions of their own.

tales from the haunted mansion fearsome foursome 2

But just wait until they hear my spooky stories. Who am I? I am Amicus Arcane, your librarian and host. Your Ghost Host. So read on… if you dare!

The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade

haunted mansion storm and shade

Welcome, foolish mortals, to an original and eerie novel inspired by the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Parks!

When high school student Audrey Perez moves to a town that’s supposedly home to a haunted mansion, she and a few of her new friends decide to investigate. Audrey is quickly swept up in a macabre mystery and eerie adventure that holds the fate of the Haunted Mansion’s 999 happy haunts in the balance. A storm is coming — both literally and figuratively — and it’ll be up to Audrey and her friends to save the Mansion — and its ghosts — before it’s too late. But can Audrey do so while dealing with her own anxieties and while caught in a love triangle between her boyfriend and the enigmatic Sterling — who just might be a ghost?

Read on, foolish mortal, if you dare…

The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion: Second Edition

unauthorized story of haunted mansion

Chill to the creepy but captivating history of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Come experience the mansion with the “lights on” and learn its ghostly history, its sinister secrets, and its ghoulish special effects. There’s room for one more — and this time you’re it!

Noted mansion authority Jeff Baham lifts the shroud and tells the stories of Disney’s original plans for a “haunted house” attraction, why the mansion is there, who built it, how it became haunted, and the dastardly deeds done by some of its residents in their corruptible, mortal states.

Board your Doom Buggy for:

  • Exclusive photos and commentary by Disney Imagineers, including Haunted Mansion “architect” Rolly Crump
  • Insider accounts of the creative clashes over whether the mansion’s haunts should be humorous or horrific, and the internal workflow behind each mansion rehab or addition
  • An analysis of the ride, scene by scene, with insight into how the effects work, delightfully eerie trivia, and anecdotes from Imagineers and cast members
  • The stories behind some of the mansion’s many denizens, including the Hatbox Ghost, the Knight, the Sea Captain, the Raven, the unhappy couple Constance and George, and the Ghost Host himself
  • A discussion of the most notable mansion collectibles released by Disney over the years

Any volunteers?

Boundless Realm: Deep Explorations Inside Disney’s Haunted Mansion

boundless realm haunted mansion

“And now, a carriage approaches, to take you into the boundless realm of the supernatural…”

Since its opening at Walt Disney World in 1971, more people from more places have experienced The Haunted Mansion than perhaps any piece of horror media ever created. This ride has legions of devoted fans and influenced tributes, spinoffs, and an entire entertainment genre: the seasonal haunted house. Why is this?

“Boundless Realm” is a wry tour of the creaky old house on the hill, brushing aside cobwebs, uncovering obscure corners, and prying up the floorboards in search of the answer. Not just an attraction history, this critical appreciation – written with a connoisseur’s eye for detail – encompasses American history, popular culture and folklore, and a sharp understanding of design to make a case for The Haunted Mansion as the 20th century’s definitive haunted house. Entertaining and opinionated, Boundless Realm will give you a new appreciation for Disney’s ultimate cult attraction.

What Haunted Mansion book will you cozy up with this winter? Let us know in the comments.

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