What Does It Cost to Stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa?

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What Does It Cost to Stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa?

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If you’re like me, every time you ride the monorail past Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa (or as we locals call it, the Grand Flo), you think to yourself, “wow, I know it’s expensive to stay here, I wish I could afford to stay here like these people.”

Yes, a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think it is. It is possible to save some money on your resort stay if you rent DVC points. Let’s look at an example of a 6-night stay in July and check out the pricing.

Cash Price Through Disney

If you’ve got a big family, or you’re inviting some grandparents or aunts and uncles, a 2-bedroom villa is a great option. At the Grand Floridian, a 2-bedroom villa sleeps 9 adults and includes 2 full bathrooms and a full kitchen. Although $1800 per night is a lot of money, the Grand Flo is Disney’s flagship resort, and if you can split that cost over 2 or 3 families it becomes a bit more manageable.

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Including tax, your villa for 6 nights ends up costing over $12,210.78. That’s without tickets, but we’ll talk about those later.

Better Deal through DVC Rental Store

Now let’s take a look at renting DVC points through the DVC Rental Store. There are two ways to rent points. You can request specific dates and room types and let DVC Rental Store find a match for you. Or, you can look at their list of Confirmed Reservations. These are rooms that have already been booked and are ready for you!

If there are no confirmed reservations available for our dates, we can put in a request and DVC Rental Store will verify availability and book your room. Since that is the case with these dates (at the time this article was written, although availability is constantly changing), we’ll see how much it would cost for that same 2-bedroom lake view villa for the same 6 nights as our example above when booked through DVC Rental Store.

gf july 2br disney 4

This reservation is priced at $8,160, and that price includes all taxes and fees. Comparing that to the price when booking this exact same room through Disney directly, you’re saving $4050.78! That’s a difference of 33%. That kind of savings can pay for your park tickets and then some!

Park Ticket Discounts Too!

Speaking of park tickets, DVC Rental Store can add tickets to your reservation at discounted rates to save you even more money!

For your 6-night stay in the above example, you’ll probably want 7-day tickets so you can take advantage of the parks on both your arrival day and your departure day. If you add 4 adult 7-day park hopper tickets to your Disney booking, that adds $3315.62 to the price, with a grand total of $15.526.40 for the package that includes the room plus tickets.

gf july 2br disney 5
gf july 2br disney 6

If you add these same exact 7-day park hopper tickets to your DVC Rental Store reservation, you’ll pay only $3,030.30, a difference of $285.32.

image 1

Saving money on your resort room is great, and saving money on your park tickets makes the deal even sweeter! Remember, this is just one example of the savings you can obtain by renting DVC points instead of booking your room with Disney directly.

For more information about renting DVC points, or to check out pricing for other resorts, room types, or dates, visit our friends at DVC Rental Store. You can request specific dates, resorts, and room types, or if you want to see the confirmed reservations that are ready to book, go directly to the Confirmed Reservations page.


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