Zootopia Officially Opens at Shanghai Disneyland: Here’s Everything You Can Do in Disney’s Newest Land

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Zootopia Officially Opens at Shanghai Disneyland: Here’s Everything You Can Do in Disney’s Newest Land

Officially opened to the public December 20, 2023, Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort is the first-ever Zootopia-inspired area to come to a Disney Park. Based on the Academy Award-winning 2016 animated film by Walt Disney Animation Studios, here’s everything guests can do while visiting:

Ride Zootopia: Hot Pursuit

Zootopia Hot Pursuit Ride Vehicle

The flagship attraction of the land, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, turns guests into rookie police officers at the Zootopia Police Department. The attraction features a trackless ride system that’ll take you through the animal city in preparation for a Zootopia Day concert featuring Gazelle. Along the way, guests will encounter audio-animatronics of characters like Officer Clawhauser, Chief Bogo, and Gazelle.

Get Immersed in the Zootopia

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Everywhere you turn, there are interactive elements, easter eggs, and characters to enjoy. At the Grand Pangolin Arms Apartments, guests can trigger responses from Zootopia’s resident wolves by saying things like “Howl-o” and “Howl ya doing today.” In the words of Nick Wilde, What is it with wolves and the howling? 

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Over at the Zootopia Park Apartments, “Disney Zootopia Comes Alive,” features some of the most iconic characters from “Zootopia” interacting with each other — and guests — from their apartment windows.

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It wouldn’t be a Zootopia land without Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps! Guests can meet and greet them over at the Zootopia Police Department Recruitment Center.

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The sounds of Zootopia are more than just your standard background noise, as guests walking through can hear things like heckling hyenas at the Jaguar Comedy Club, and patients getting work done at Beaver Dentist.

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Zootopia shanghai shdrzoo049024920940

Animals of all sizes are welcome in Zootopia, and the theming really leans into that. From massive benches to tiny apartment doors, guests can keep an eye out for fun elements all around the land.

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Even the land’s restrooms, made with materials of the Rainforest district, have elements tailored to animals big and small.

Dine Like a Zootopia Resident

shanghai zootopia food 4

The food items inside of Zootopia are just as themed as the rest of the land! There are two dining options: Jumbeaux’s Café and Zootpia Market. Jumbeaux’s Café, inspired by an ice cream parlor owned by Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. in the film, is a whimsical café where you can find things like donuts, pies, and ice cream. At Zootopia Market, parked on the streets of Zootopia, you’ll find four shacks: Slothful Slurps, Hopps Family Farm, Cottonball Candy cart and Jumbeaux’s pop-up cart. Here, you can find a variety of grab-and-go snacks and drinks, including the iconic Zootopia Pawpsicle.

Shop Zootopia Merchandise


Fashions by Fru Fru, near the entrance of Mane Street, is the land’s gift shop. Inside, there are hundreds of items inspired by “Zootopia,” including headbands, bags, clothing, and more.

For a full list of items you can eat in the land, check out our breakdown of all of the foods and beverages available.

Meet the Duke Weaselton Roaming Animatronic

duke weaselton animatronic 1200x675 1

At an event for the grand opening of Zootopia at Shanghai Disneyland, Chairperson of Walt Disney Parks, Experiences & Products Josh D’Amaro introduced audiences to an incredible roaming Duke Weaselton Audio-Animatronic character.

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